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Vibrant hair tones are a trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere in 2018. Instagram is loaded with impressive pinks, purples and blues hair tones – that your clients will see and be influenced by. Search engines have reported a rise in terms that relate to the this trend – with ‘pink hair’ being one of the most searched terms in hair and beauty. So, we asked Wella Professionals technical educator, Fergal Doyle more about how Color Fresh CREATE – a complete semi-permanent expressive colour palette with 12 vibrant shades (and 1 clear shade) – can help take this trend to the masses…
Our quick-fire Q&A with Fergal answers some key FAQs that we hope you’ll share with any clients that are looking to step-up their hair colour look this season: 

How often can you colour your hair with the Color Fresh CREATE? 

As often as you like! There is no damage to the hair so your colour can change as often as your mood.

How do you protect against fading? 

The products you use to wash your hair  as well as how often you wash it with really make a difference. Colour Fresh Create lasts up to 20 washes. I would recommend washing your hair with colour-safe shampoos to prevent as much fade as possible. 

What shades can I change to? 

The base colour to your hair will determine the vibrancy or the impact that your Color Fresh Create will have on your look. The range works best on naturally blonde hair, bleached hair or naturally white hair. If you fall into these categories then you can play around with the whole range freely and creatively. The darker the base colour of your hair, the more depth to the Color Fresh Create range you will achieve. Naturally dark hair would have to be lifted to see any major changes. It would be great however for creating darker sultry, high-shine looks.

How do I choose the right colour for me?

Just because you’ve seen a colour you love on Instagram doesn’t mean it will necessarily work on you or be achievable. There are many factors that can be taken into consideration when it comes to knowing if a colour will suit you. Remember what you see on Instagram may have been filtered so won’t necessarily look like that in natural day light. The best way to asses if a colour is right for you is to:

1) Use the Wella Colour equation CLICK HERE: 
2) Think about how dark or light the hair pictured is compared to your current hair colour. For example, if you are naturally dark and the picture is of a light blonde it may take more time to get the desired colour to make sure you maintain the integrity of the hair, too.
3) Consider the realistic commitment you will have to that colour. For example if the colour is right up to the roots and saturated this will require 6- 8 week appointments, compared to something that is blended from the root.
4) The length/hair cut of the desired colour. If your hair is short, say a bob, and the desired colour is on longer hair it may be that the overall result will look completely different even if the same colour is used and vice versa.

Can you mix the colours to create a bespoke shade? 

That is the beauty of the Color Fresh Create range. All 12 colours are intermixable and it is encouraged to intermix to create truly bespoke colours for your clients. Color Fresh Create also has the added bonus of fading true-to-tone. If you start blue, it’ll fade beautifully in different shades of blue. The Tomorrow Clear is a great addition to the palette. It allows you to be able to dilute and create softer more pastel shades. 

I’ve brown hair and I don’t want to bleach it, can I add some colour? 

If your hair is brown and you are feeling like a change there are many options. The Wella Professional’s portfolio is extensive. It has many different ranges to help create more bespoke lifted colours that do not require Bleach. Light brown will allow you to have a range of different deeper tones from the Color Fresh Range, but you will not see the vibrancy that they have to offer.

Does Color Fresh Create work on Afro hair? 

Yes it does! Remember it does not lift the hair, if you are looking for the vibrancy you would need to lift the hair using the right bleach from the Blondor range along with WELLAPLEX to maintain the integrity of the hair. However if you are just wanting some light reflecting tone then it can sit over a dark natural colour for a high-shine tonal finish.