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The prospect of changing colour brands can be a daunting one, but sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and explore what else is out there. Thanasis Karalis, owner and Head Colour Director of Rene Aubrey Hairdressing took the plunge and hasn’t looked back.  

Change it up

Switching to Wella because the brand is a market leader in hair colour, Thanasis comments: “As a big colouring salon our product choices are key to maintaining seamless results. The new Me+ formulation from Wella has been a game changer for the team. Wella’s education program is also comprehensive. An educated stylist equals a happy stylist and salon.” 

When hunting for the perfect brand partner, education and support was at the top of Thanasis’ agenda. Deciding to embrace the change as an adventure, he also discovered that a new range has encouraged a different thought process for his stylists, which has been incredibly stimulating for the team. 

Rene AubreyClient trust

Obviously client satisfaction is the number one concern with any change in the salon but Thanasis and his team have found that if you have your clients’ trust they are very accepting. “The majority of our client base has been with us many years and so trust us implicitly with the care of their hair,” he insists. “We always strive for excellence and that reflects in the products we use. If we are passionate and believe in a colour range then they will too.”

Thanasis adds: “Wella is a market leader in hair colouring with the introduction of Me+ technology. This progression in the industry gives our salon an edge in the way we approach colour with our clientele. Wella has been very active in making sure that we are very well informed and up to date with colour techniques and all the latest trends.” 

Me+ technology

For Rene Aubrey Hairdressing taking a chance and moving to Wella has been a great experience. What’s more Thanasis reports it’s had a positive impact on his colourists’ day-to-day columns. He explains: “The consumer is now very savvy, so the new Me+ technology colour has been a game changer.”

He adds: “Me+ technology is a scientific breakthrough for clients. Reducing the risk of sensitivities whilst delivering even colour from root to tip with 100 per cent grey coverage. It also leaves the hair feeling wonderful and full of sheen.” 

Oh, we do love a good news story.

Rene AubreyCo-owner Megan Keralis’ top colour products

  • Blondor- for a clean lift
  • Special blonde range is super reliable and true to colour 
  • Pastel Welloxon for toning is absolutely stupendous 
  • Illumina for softer results 
  • Koleston perfect delivers superior shine and coverage 

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