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Great Lengths are proud to empower women through confidence! The message of achievement and accomplishment – often in the face of adversity – is at the heart of their powerful new global project, Voices.

The Voices campaign was created to uplift contemporary women and provide them with a platform to share their unique stories and beliefs. Despite their diverse backgrounds and life experiences, the women are united through their desire to talk about their drive for change, the challenges they have faced, and the courage they have gained along the way.

At the heart of Voices is the hope that other women will feel empowered to reveal their true selves, embrace their own truth and feel confident to tackle challenging situations.

Great Lengths believes that confidence is achievable in numerous ways, including making women feel amazing about their appearance. That’s why the company has always been dedicated to creating the best hair extensions possible; allowing hairdressers to create the changes that make a real difference.

Voices collection

Great Lengths pride themselves on their premium craftsmanship, and have stringent processes and measures in place to ensure both the quality and ethicality of their hair. All hair is sourced from temples, where it is voluntarily donated during a ritual known as tonsuring. Each strand is given willingly and with full consent, and all revenue generated is used to benefit the local community.

In a further demonstration of their commitment to a sustainable and transparent manufacturing process, Great Lengths is also proud to have become the first hair extension brand to receive B Corporation certification; the prestigious, globally-recognised mark of a company that reaches high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

For more news from Great Lengths, click HERE.


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