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Once again Aveda is supporting the global movement Veganaury, which coincides with the brand’s vegan anniversary. Perfect timing! Aveda is a proud beauty sponsor of the 2023 Veganuary movement, which encourages people to try a plant-based lifestyle in January. Veganaury is a fun challenge that anyone can take part in. If you have been wanting to try veganism, this is the perfect opportunity.

Aveda Veganuary vegan products vegan diet planet

Aveda’s support

In support of Veganuary, Aveda will help raise awareness of the positive effects a plant-based diet can have on the planet. Veganuary’s mission is to support and inspire people to try a vegan diet, sharing recipes and providing education on the environmental impact and personal benefits. The movement is building momentum each year, becoming more popular around the globe. Who doesn’t love a challenge?


Wendy Mathews, the US director of Veganuary, says that participants report improved skin due to the plant-based diet, calling it the Veganuary glow. “…we’re so proud to work with our global gold sponsor Aveda, which makes it easy to find high-performance, cruelty-free, vegan beauty formulas.” Wendy Mathews.

Veganuary also promotes a workplace challenge, encouraging corporate partners and employees to try a vegan diet. Join Veganuary with friends and colleagues to reap the benefits of glowing skin while helping the planet.

Amanda Le Roux, president of Aveda International, says that the brand is thrilled to partner with Veganuary. “We believe that it is one of the most effective ways to understand our individual impact and remind us to examine our everyday items, beyond what’s on our plate, and what they’re made from.” Amanda Le Roux.

vegan diet vegan products haircare

The impact

According to Veganuary, a plant-based diet has considerable environmental benefits. Eating animals contributes to habitat loss and extinction, with millions of acres of forest being felled yearly for livestock production. A 2010 UN report stated that a global shift towards veganism could reduce hunger, poverty and the impacts of climate change.

According to The Vegan Calculator, one person eating a vegan diet for a month saves 124,900 litres of water, 84 square metres of forest and 273 kilogrammes of carbon dioxide emissions, meaning that Aveda’s participation in the challenge has saved more than 124M litres of water, 84,000 square metres of forest and 273,000 kilogrammes of carbon dioxide emissions. This shows how much of an impact one business can have!

Aveda Veganuary vegan haircare healthy

A sustainable future

Aveda has pioneered new benchmarks of environmental responsibility in beauty. The brand’s priorities include safe beauty, responsible sourcing, and responsible packaging. They use cruelty-free and vegan formulas and planet-conscious manufacturing. Aveda also helps to protect and provide clean water for people in need in its sourcing communities and communities around the globe. 

Aveda’s headquarters are situated on a 58-acre National Wildlife Federation Certified campus in Minnesota. Aveda HQ has honeybee colonies, a vegetable garden, electric vehicle charging stations and running trails. The main office is powered by solar and wind energy and carpeted with recycled fibres. As well as having compost and recycling bins the building has an organic cafe. The brand lives in its mission to have a positive environmental impact.

planet earth

In June 2020, Aveda added a 3.6 acre, 900kW ground-mounted solar array to its campus. The solar panels collect sunlight and convert it to electricity, supplying it to the manufacturing facility on campus. Excess energy is sent back to the grid. The new array is part of the brand’s vision to be a renewable energy generator.

Sign up for Veganuary if you want a fun challenge that will ultimately benefit the world around you. 

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