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Transient Layers cut by Anthony Mascolo for the Modern Classics Collection

Here’s a must read. Hair icon and founder of TIGI Professional, Anthony Mascolo, shares his 10 tips on winning clients and progressing your work… 

What do you see as key emerging hair trends for the new season?  I don’t think there’s one haircut that will encompass the new season. Nowadays it’s about being individual, so how you wear your hair should be personal to you. This means that as a hairdresser you need to tailor a look to suit your client, with a bespoke colour and creative product usage.

How do you suggest hairdressers progress their clients’ hair for the new season? Look at fashion trends. Define the colours that are emerging and the shape and feeling of clothes. Your hair is part of your overall look and style, so it’s important to have fashion and trend knowledge to share with your clients. 

What products do you think will be key to creating hairstyles this autumn/winter?  Firstly I think condition is important. Women today want their hair to exude health. That means hair that’s moisturised, shiny, smooth and in excellent condition. The TIGI Copyright Care range has a fantastic range of boosters that can be added to conditioner to provide an in-salon treatment or home haircare regime. To style and finish hair, there’s a definite mood for softness but with control.

Many clients have classic hairstyles and do not update them regularly. How can you inspire clients to move their hairstyles forward? Simple changes can be a big deal for a client. It might be just changing a parting, adding a soft fringe or some layers. Colour can make a huge difference but again it might just be a change of tone. Taking a classic cut to a creative level is the next step and this will inspire your clients to update their look with a more dynamic shape and colour.

Many clients have trouble restyling their hair at home and this often makes them wary of major style changes. How can hairdressers help them to recreate their salon look? The simple answer to this is  to teach them. Show them how to hold the dryer and brush. Explain which products to use and how to apply them and give hints on finishing the style. A few extra minutes spent with our client can make them more loyal to you and definitely more content.

Is there a hairstyle you think can be made to suit every client no matter what their age or hair type? I think you can adapt every classic style to suit a client, depending on their hair type, facial features and facial structure and their lifestyle. By tweaking the shape and layering patterns, leaving or removing length and weight to flatter the individual, you can create a personalised look that will enhance the person. That’s a successful hairstyle! 

How important is colour? In recent years colour has grown massively. Clients are being more adventurous and colour can also enhance the condition and texture. I think nowadays it’s not just a case of cut and colour working in synergy, but colour leading.

How can hairdressers gain education and information to keep up with new trends? I always say, hairdressers can never stop learning. You can’t progress unless you continually learn something new. We are in a highly competitive business and clients have high expectations, so keep learning. Courses in academies are great to get a first hand experience, but these days it’s also important to see what everyone is doing on social media. Look too at websites, trade magazines and their online pages and also, my advice is watch what the young are doing. That’s what’s next.  We’ve just launched a website called TIGIFUSE.com and from September this will have the new Modern Classics Collection with step by steps and product information so you can access TIGI Education when it’s convenient to you 24/7.

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