TIGI Inspirational Youth

TIGI Inspirational Youth 2017

rjhandley TIGI times

Now in its 12th year, TIGI Inspirational Youth was founded by Anthony Mascolo to identify new talent and provide opportunities to progress the careers of young hairdressers. It is also an incredible opportunity to take 10 individuals, inspire them to share in their experiences and develop into a team.
Mentored by senior members of the TIGI International Creative Team, the Inspirational Youth Team participate in a bootcamp to develop their cutting and colouring skills, understand the importance of presenting and stage presence, learn the key to a successful model casting which will ultimately lead them to participate in a photographic shoot. During the bootcamp the team is continually filmed so they can assess what they have achieved and how they performed. At the end of the week they return to their salons armed with plenty of information and new techniques to share with their own salon team. It’s a real eye-opener for the team members on the programme. 
The culmination of the training programme takes places at the Café de Paris in London on Monday 13th October with the TIGI Inspirational Youth Show. It’s a wonderful programme, and many former team members have gone on to forge highly successful careers in education, session hairdressing and as salon owners. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this lot to see how they develop in the months to come!