TIGI FUSE: A new digital platform for inspiration and education

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‘Fusing everything we do’ – we like what you’ve done there TIGI and can’t wait to check out FUSE, the brand’s new digital platform that gives access to everything it does. Designed to bring together experts within the industry to provide stylists and salon owners with information and education to inspire creativity, build salon businesses, develop services and enhance technical skills.

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Influencing and supporting his fellow hairdressers has always been central to Anthony Mascolo’s creative heart and over the years he has maintained a constant, and strong desire to share information. An ‘always-on’ visual platform of creative concepts, collaborations, news, informative material and inspiration, FUSE is packed with the latest ideas, as well as the heritage of TIGI. With FUSE Anthony’s long-held philosophy of ‘sharing everything we do as soon as we do it’ now truly becomes a reality.

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“Imagery is what I’m about,” explains Anthony. “Having launched INFRINGE two years ago, I wanted to take inspiration from the energy and buzz it created and develop a more educational, hairdressing specific platform that is no less inspirational and creative.  FUSE is an ongoing story of our work, but importantly allows us to push what we do to the next level, collaborate with like-minded hairdressers, share insights and ideas and keep hairdressers across the globe constantly informed.” 

Christel Lundqvist, TIGI Global Technical Creative Director, added: “FUSE is a really exciting project allowing us to bring our work to an ever wider audience. I’m so excited to show new techniques and inspiration to colourists, and, as a salon owner, I think it’s fantastic my team will have access to all the new work being done, as well as see the past work Anthony has created over the years.”  

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Featuring a range of new and iconic technical step-by-steps, trend inspiration articles and videos, product information and tips, industry and TIGI Creative Team interviews; TIGI FUSE delivers content with an editorial, digital-first approach to meet the needs of today’s content-hungry hairdresser.

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