TIGI Retrospective

TIGI Education Collection: Retrospective

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TIGI Education collections form the basis of educational courses taught in TIGI Academies around the world – they define salon hairdressing! With Anthony Mascolo at the helm, the TIGI Creative Team constantly evaluates their work, and take inspiration from what they see around them. They study emerging fashion and cultural trends, and assess the influence of trends in street fashion, architecture, art and film. Their aim? To plan creative cut and colour courses to support and inspire you!

Retrospective Collection: Education with TIGI

For each new year, a TIGI Education collection is conceived to pull together the key trends and techniques, and then shared globally. For the upcoming 2018/19 season, the Creative Team revisited their past work for inspiration, reworking ideas to create a new vision. The result is the Retrospective Collection. Embracing the past, and yet pointing strongly to the future, the five cuts and colours within this collection of looks link both fashion and lifestyle. Strong, youthful and of-the-moment, they give you an understanding of how cut, style and colour come together to showcase your technical and creative expertise. Be inspired. Be confident. Your clients will love them. 

TIGI RetrospectiveLEKSI 

Cut – Gen Itoh: “I created an aggressive contrast between the internal and external areas to incorporate the current street look. Working with the hair’s movement and texture I gave the style a modern natural finish.”
Colour – Christel Lundqvist: “The technique, I used on Leksi is called Aurora, and is inspired by the colours in the Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights. This new trend is about creating fluid colours. It has a futuristic vibe influenced by a catwalk trend for synthetic luxury.”

TIGI RetrospectiveVIOLET (left) 

Cut– Thomas Osborn: An eternally cool, mid-length layered shape taking inspiration from 80’s icons such as Debbie Harry, and Joan Jett. Layers are worked internally to the head shape to create effortless movement with a fringe that adds strength and softness.
Colour – Christel Lundqvist: “Neo Painting takes Inspiration from the 70s’ art scene, where water colours merge with neon shades to create strong futuristic shades. It’s a sparkly, glittery look with a hint of an 80s’ party girl.”

FLORENTINE (above right)

Cut– Maria Kovacs: “With Florentina’s cut I wanted to pay homage to the 90’s iconic under-cut that’s both sensual and androgynous.  The cut has texture and strength and should be worn by the kind of girl who knows exactly who she is! Teamed together with beautiful blonde hues, Florentina’s under-cut is perfect for those who dare to be different and live by the mantra: “Your hair you way.”
Colour – Warren Boodaghians: “A I used the Sheer Glazing technique was used to create a classically cool and effortless effect. Working with the same overall colour, a solid undertone blends through to the focal area to create a delicate, romantic feeling.”

TIGI RetrospectiveSARAH

Cut– Akos Bodi: “Sarah’s cut falls under Neo-Goth with defined anti-establishment vibes feeding on the 70’s Punk-Rock movement and inspired by bands of that era such as the Ramones and the Clash. To create definition with the outline I created a bi-level disconnection allowing free movement to the natural texture”.
Colour – Warren Boodaghians: “The concept for Punk Placement takes inspiration from the Mod and Punk eras. Strong, rebellious block colours are diffused in certain areas with colours chosen to soften the overall boldness.

TIGI RetrospectiveLAINE

CUT – Philip Downing: “In the late 90s and early 00s, long hair began to be taken more seriously and we began to understand how significant it was to pay more attention to long hair cuts. It became both cool and stylish to wear your hair long, especially with the emerging youth culture. Laine’s textured cut has a loose, casual feeling. To achieve the effect I added maximum movement without eradicating the perimeter, layering the interior of the cut, but maintaining fullness at the perimeter. The side-parting strengthens the look accentuating the Bed Head attitude.”
Colour –Kerrie O’Reilly: “The Blonde Silhouette is a reinvention of a classic technique, taking inspiration from the 90s’ supermodels, such as Claudia Schiffer. The technique uses foils to create an effect that moves away from Contouring to create a face-framing light canvas.”

Make-up: Amy Barrington. Photography: Alex Barron-Hough. Styling: Jiv D.



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