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With more creative colorists than ever experimenting with free hand techniques, TIGI Copyright Colour is set to launch True Light Freestyle Blonder this July, designed specifically for balayage, micro or baby lights.

Tigi CopyrightPower to colourists

This new innovative clay lightener will empower colourists to create lighter and brighter healthier blondes without compromise. Formulated with clay and Mineral Oil, True Light Freestyle Blonder guarantees seamless applications, achieving up to seven levels of lift in just 40 minutes, for quicker and easier freehand painting services. Hair integrity is TIGI’s top priority, so the True Light Freestyle Blonder features an Anti-Breakage Arginine Complex to preserve excellent hair condition during the lightening process.

Must have

The Freestyle Blonder is an absolute salon must have and the perfect colour partner to TIGI Copyright Care SOS Extreme Recovery and Booster Treatments. Indeed, the SOS Treatment’s revolutionary anti-breakage technology returns hair to virgin condition in around five minutes, providing resilience before, during, or after any chemical service. Cocktail Copyright Booster Treatments to create bespoke conditioning, shine or repair services to accompany your blonde clients through their transformation journey.

When used as a system TIGI Copyright True Light Freestyle Blonder, TIGI Copyright Repair regime and SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment offer the ultimate anti-breakage blonding solution for any client’s hair colour or type.

Christel Lundqvist

Christel Lundqvist

The lovely Christel

“As a salon owner and educator, I know only too well the importance of delivering fast, easy to apply, lightening services that don’t compromise hair condition. That’s exactly why TIGI created Copyright True Light Freestyle Blonder. Supported by TIGI Copyright Care SOS and Booster regimes, salons now have the power to transform their clients’ hair into beautiful, shiny, healthy blondes, resulting in increased client satisfaction and loyalty as well as retail growth and increased profitability.” Christel Lundqvist, TIGI Global Technical Creative Director & founder of STIL-Salon.

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