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Freehand lightening. Balayage. Ombre. Foilyage. Root stretch. Baby-lights. Tissue-lights. Glitter-age? – yes it’s a thing, apparently. Gone are the days of traditional highlights or single application colour. Today there’s a plethora of methods for giving clients bespoke colour with little maintenance. Balayage specifically is becoming a super popular technique with both stylists and clients, so get on it with a little help from TIGI copyright colour True Light Freestyle Blonder.

TIGI BlonderBalayage

First, a little history lesson. The word ‘balayage’ means ‘sweeping’ in French, and refers to the motion of sweeping lightener onto hair to achieve results that look naturally lightened by the sun. A Parisian salon invented the technique in 1974.

Balayage technique must-dos

  • Use a 1-point, 2-point (V) or 3-point (W) application process. Why? The point, whether you’re using a 1, 2, or 3-point method, will always create a softer result as the hair grows.
  • Determine the working section, apply the lightener starting between the root and mid-lengths and then feather it up towards the root to create the point. Remember that feathering the lightener upwards allows for a soft diffusion of colour.
  • After the new growth and points are created, start applying more product at the mid-lengths through to the ends.
  • Keep the product consistent, blended and surface-level until reaching the last two to three inches of the hair. Then push the product through to saturate thoroughly.
TIGI Copyright colour

Anthony Mascolo

Top tips

  • Pull the hair very taut in order to get the lightener as close to the scalp as possible without actually touching the scalp when creating points.
  • Be mindful of how even and consistent the product is when applying it. Pushing the product on too heavy in certain spots can create unwanted bands/spots in the end result.
  • Know your product.

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