Warren B TIGI

Collection: Warren Boodaghians

Lauren TIGI times

A new world Princess Leia meets British punk in this playful sci-fi collection from Warren Boodaghians, TIGI Global Technical Academy Director. We’re fascinated by the mix of genre’s this hair maestro has managed to squeeze into his rainbow collection – futurism, science fiction super heroes, fashion, movies and pop culture – it’s got it all. 

Check out Warren’s inspiration for each of the models…

Warren B TIGI

“The concept for this look was taken from 80s sci-fi classic Blade Runner. I not only wanted the hair to be styled with texture, but also  wanted the colour technique to create dark shadows and a lighter texture, emphasising the overall style.”

Warren B TIGI

“The concept for this finished result was taken from 90s’ British Punk. I wanted the colour and cut to be strong, whilst the overall finish maintaining a feel of femininity.”

Warren B TIGI

“My inspiration came straight from the Marc Jacobs AW18 runway show for this look, where the Eighties and the Millennium were the focus.”

Warren B TIGI

“My inspiration for this look was taken from the 1960s’ retro sci-fi series, Star Trek. The playful colour palette and extenuated style give the finished look colour definition and a confident finish.”

Credit where credit’s due…

Hair colour: Warren Boodaghian using TIGI Copyrightcolour. Hair styling: Gen Itoh using Bed Head. Clothes Styling: Jiv D. Make up: Katie Moore. Photography: Alex Barron-Hough. Production: Bed Head Studios

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