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The Original Mindful Ritual

Revlon Professional is taking a holistic approach to self-care with the new Orofluido – The Original Mindful Ritual; introducing a head-to-toe wellness journey with thanks to the magical ingredients. This is an invitation to slow down and learn how to re-create a meaningful and deep connection with oneself.

Orofluido’s precious ingredients, highly sensorial textures, and unique signature fragrance over a self-indulgent range of products provide a unique moment of care.

The essence of Orofluido

A sustainable, yet precious argan oil is the key ingredient, present in all Orofluido products. Seeds from the tree of beauty include:

Organic: From the first sprout, the argan tree is grown with healthy soil and it is not sprayed with chemicals or artificial pesticides.

Fair Trade: Argan oil extraction techniques are based on traditional Berber knowledge passed from mother to daughter for centuries. Orofluido’s argan oil comes from sustainable farming and fair trade suppliers who support projects to protect argan natural resources and promote the socio- economic development of the Moroccan rural population.

Cold-Pressed: Organic argan oil is a natural source of vitamin E. This golden ingredient is obtained through a cold-pressed process to preserve its quality and nutrients during the extraction process.

The wellness journey

Orofluido’s product range offers a complete full-body mindful beauty ritual. Starting with haircare and ending with body care.

Its highly sensorial and aromatic fragrance is a unique combination that blends the warmth from the luscious notes of vanilla, with the vibrant freshness of citrus notes. Orofluido’s signature scent has proved to boost self-confidence and evoke a positive state of mind.

After all, Orofluido has been conceived with vegan formulas designed to deliver high performance and radiant results for the wellbeing of hair, body, and soul.

The Original Mindful Ritual

Radiance Argan Shampoo: With a luscious transparent-golden enveloping texture, the Radiance Argan Shampoo moisturizes and smoothens hair leaving it shiny and delicately scented.

Radiance Argan Conditioner:The Radiance Argan Conditioner moisturizes, smooths, and helps to repair damaged hair. Delicately scented with Orofluido’s signature fragrance, the hair will look healthier and beautifully shiny.

Radiance Argan Mask: This intense golden treatment penetrates the hair fiber to repair it from the inside. The Radiance Argan Mask moisturizes, softens, and helps restore the hair’s beauty.

The Elixir: The iconic Elixir provides an intense treatment to nourish, smooth, and strengthen hair while helping to control frizz and reduce hair breakage by up to 98%.

Moisturising Body Cream: Orofluido’s body cream moisturizes the skin leaving it soft, radiant, and delicately scented. Thanks to its sensorial texture and relaxing fragrance it becomes an invitation to enjoy a wellness moment.

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