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The 20th Hair-itage Collection

Incase you missed it, ghd have been celebrating their 20th birthday, and what’s a better way to celebrate than by producing a gorgeous collection. The 20th Hair-itage Collection was shot to celebrate the brand’s milestone; with looks created by various members of the ghd family.

Over the last 3 weeks we’ve released images from this collection, and now we’re finishing off with the final 5…

What’s new this week?

Ryan Steedman

Image 1 of 5

The Hair-itage Collection


Hair: Adam Reed, Amy Sontae, Charlotte Mensah, Chloe Swift, Chris Laird, Chris Southern, Daffyd Thomas, Grant Williams, James Earnshaw, Janine Jennings, Patrick Wilson, Rheanna Wod, Ryan Steedman, Sophie Sugarman, Zoe Irwin
Makeup: @claudineblythman
Nails: @karenlouisenails
Production: @csmedialtd
Styling: @nicolesmallwoodstylist

185 ghd house

The doors to 185 ghd house remain open for another 9 months. If you haven’t explored it yet, then we reccomend you do. It’s certainly worth a look around… You’ll find six virtual rooms, from a virtual salon – where you’ll find the Global Ambassadors as avatars – to the tech lab, where you’ll be able to see the day-to-day experiments that take place in the Cambridge lab.

Discover this look, and loads more iconic ghd moments, at

For more good hair news from ghd, click HERE.


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