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Takara Belmont celebrates 60 years in the UK

Lauren Takara Belmont

Wow, what a milestone. Huge congratulations to the Takara Belmont team, who are celebrating 60 years in the industry.

Takara BelmontSince Takara Belmont arrived in London in 1959 it has presided over seismic shifts in fashion, culture, art and design that it has both influenced, and been influenced by. Being at the heart of the world’s fashion capital cemented Takara Belmont’s position as a manufacturer of distinction and perception, as it continues to produce iconic furniture and equipment that shape international barbering and hairdressing. Here’s a timeline of their journey

1959: London Calling – Takara Belmont arrives at the epicentre of hair, fashion and design culture

Takara Belmont’s arrival in the UK couldn’t have been timed with greater precision, as the conservative post-war 1950s yielded to the swinging ‘60s. In the decades that followed, the hairdressing industry played host to an eclectic array of trends that impacted on both hair and interior design.

Takara BelmontA global revolution in furniture

Despite this, Takara Belmont has achieved something truly exceptional. Since its inception in Japan in 1921, Takara Belmont always had global expansion in mind. London, precisely because of its position as the world’s fashion capital was a key destination, and from there the company embarked on a revolution of its own. As ever-changing trends has seen many products and furniture brands come and go, Takara Belmont has stood the test of time, carving a unique niche in British, and indeed global, hairdressing history.

Takara BelmontA unique niche in hairdressing history

With an outward looking perspective, and an increasing presence in key markets, Takara Belmont drew on global trends, unique cultural aspects, emerging fashions, art and design to construct a new approach to furniture and equipment design and manufacturing, and the application of technology. It ingrained itself in the affect of these trends on salon life; how they drove consumer expectations for fashion-first hairdressing and barbering, and how fresh demands were placed on hairdressers for technical expertise in cutting, colouring and hair processing. This insight and partnership with salon owners has driven many technical advances made by Takara Belmont. 

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