Yume hair chair

Introduce transforming treatments with a VIP edge!

rjhandley Takara Belmont

The promise of luxury, exclusivity and an unrivalled customer experience is offered by salons looking to attract a discerning clientele and increase the value of their services. Quality hairdressing and colour are a minimum expectation of every client, so how do you go beyond that? Retaining loyalty depends on how the client looks and feels, but it also relies on their overall experience too. 
Takara Belmont’s Yume, and its DX version, bring spa-style luxury that enables even high-end salons to upgrade their service offering. It elevates the customers’ backwash and shampoo experience, and allows for the addition of new premium treatments, such as head massage, facials and beauty treatments, which boost revenues and create fresh income streams. And when used in conjunction with the Spa Mist II processor, the outcome of colour and conditioning treatments are enhanced further as its ultrasonic mist allows colour pigment and treatment ingredients to penetrate deep into each hair strand and lock in without dilution. The result? Silkier, smoother, healthier hair and colour with more intensity, vibrancy and shine.


The Yume shampoo system is a revolutionary equipment innovation that transforms your salon into a haven of tranquility and serenity. 
The rotating Yume DX delivers the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. It gently motions the client in and out of the treatment position, as gel-filled neck cushions and pillows delicately support the head to promote senses of harmony and total well-being. Bringing a spa-style concept to the backwash area, it not only gives the customer new shampoo and treatment sensations, it allows the salon to monetise these experiences by charging a premium and introducing new services.
Spa Mist II brings even more possibilities when paired with the Yume DX. As world leaders in hair processing innovation, Takara Belmont’s Spa Mist II literally transforms hair treatment and colour services. This portable unit generates an ultra-fine mist utilising ultrasonic technology that opens the hair cuticle at a low temperature. This allows more treatment ingredients and colour pigments to penetrate each hair shaft without heat damage or dilution. As a result, hair health and condition are actively and visibly improved, treatment results prolonged and colour intensity and vibrancy are enhanced. 
Whilst the Yume DX and Spa Mist II operate independently, their combined effect creates a unique ambience and dramatically improves customer satisfaction. Both innovations work in perfect synergy on every level for the client and the salon owner. Clients enjoy a new experience, treatments and services; salons achieve a point of difference and benefit from new revenue steams.
With Takara Belmont equipment available to lease, there has never been a better time to take advantage of customers’ demand for luxury treatments and transform your offering quickly. Discover more at www.takarahairdressing.co.uk call 020 7515 0333 or email hairdressing@takara.co.uk