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Super Salon, Super Group

Whilst most of us were just surviving in lockdown, Gina Conway was certainly thriving; as she spent her time working on an exciting collaboration with Robin James Hague to create a “super group” under the Gina Conway brand. First stop – the Poole salon.

Situated on the Poole’s quayside with stunning views across Europe’s largest natural harbour, this incredible location was the perfect spot for the first of the Gina Conway rebrands. The salon boasts 20 styling stations and an extensive spa with four tastefully appointed treatment rooms, a separate two-person pedi-spa and two manicure stations within the hair salon to allow for the perfect pampering experience, all using award-winning sustainable and results-focussed brand, Aveda.

Sustainability at the Heart

With over 5 years of experience between them, Gina and Robin both share the same goal… To create the most sustainable salon group. Between their passion and skillset the pair are certain they can minimise a salon’s impact on the planet without compromising the customer’s experience.

With sustainability at the heart of all business decisions, Gina Conway salons only use Aveda hair colours and lighteners which optimise natural and certified organic ingredients. 

Super Group

The company employs more than 100 individuals – that alone is a super group – and holds sustainability at its heart, alongside promoting greater environmental awareness and responsibility – mirroring the two owner’s personal philosophies, as well as Aveda’s brand ethos. Importantly, Gina Conway is also Aveda’s Trade Sustainability Ambassador in the UK. With her know-how, Aveda’s brand mission, and Robin’s experience, they are formidable. 

Gina says…

“Having built my business from the ground up for the last 20 years on my own, I know how hard it can be and I have had to learn most things the hard way. Through this partnership with Robin, we both get to take advantage of our experience in business and to share best practices for the ultimate business. We both get to do exactly what we love for the business as our passions and strengths complement each other.”

Robin says…

“Twenty years ago I began using the Aveda brand and it was through that network that I first met Gina, who was establishing herself in London at the time and we became friends and would often exchange our ideas and best practices.

We are both passionate about delivering high standards of hairdressing with an equally high standard of guest experience, so I am delighted that we have now been able to merge our salons and offer our customers the ultimate hairdressing experience.”

Find out more about Aveda HERE


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