Fibre Bond Technology

Strong Bonds 2.0 explained (Fibre Bond Technology)

rjhandley Schwarzkopf Professional

Schwarzkopf Professional have integrated their revolutionary bonding technologies into all Igora lighting and lifting products, so now you don’t ever have to worry about compromising the condition of a clients hair to get the transformation they so badly want. It really is GREAT news! 
The latest additions to the Igora family: Vario Blond and Royal Fashion Lights both use Fibre Bond Technology which means they lift with minimised breakage, and colour without compromise. Neat, huh!?
Vario Blond now offers up to eight levels of lift, allowing clients to opt for daring blonde transformations with ease. With superior product performance, Vario Blond also contains the anti-yellow effect which uses anti-red pigments to neutralise upcoming warmth for beautiful, cool blondes. With Fashion Lights, you can lift and tone in one simple step! Thanks to the Intense Pigment Combinations inherent in the formula, they also deliver outstanding vibrancy and long-lasting results too. Now available in three new trend-informed shades: Dark Blue, Dark Green and Muted Rose.
So why pick SKP? BECAUSE… lightening or colouring the hair without Fibre Bond Technology or the excessive use of heated styling tools can weaken the bonds within the hair structure, leading to damaged hair fibres and hair breakage. To protect the hair from damage during lightening, lifting or colouring, the active ingredients in the Fibre Bond Technology penetrate deep into the hair shaft and create a layer around the hair bonds. Due to this ‘bodyguard function’, most bonds therefore survive the chemical process, keeping the hair strong and full of elasticity. 

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