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Schwarzkopf Professional launches new range of Colour Enabling products

Colourists, pay attention! We have some news for you. Dedicated to true colour expertise, Schwarzkopf Professional launches a NEW range of Colour Enabling products. The new range of colour enablers from Schwarzkopf Professional has been developed as an all-inclusive support kit to master any colour service in three simple steps. Nice!

As we all know, every client presents different hair and skin needs; from porous hair to colour build-up, skin damage or delicate skin and everything in-between. All of these factors are taken into consideration during a professional colour service, yet to provide the very best client experience it’s important to optimise every step of the service.

Schwarzkopf Professional comes to the rescue with this specific range of comprehensive and convenient colour enablers; specially developed to upgrade any colour service with supporting products that address the unique needs of client hair, skin and scalp condition to provide perfect colour results.

You already know some of the products in the range – including the ever-popular Bond Enforcing Color Remover, the FIBREPLEX System and IGORA Expert Kit products – yet as standalone products these ranges do not provide comprehensive support. Schwarzkopf Professional are making things easier with the intuitive range of colour enabling products bringing the assortment into one harmonious support kit with matching packaging and brand new products to take any colour service to the next level.

Schwarzkopf Professional’s colour enablers range supports colourists through every stage of the colouration service…

 Step 1 – Before Colouration

  • Bond Enforcing Color Remover (30g sachets, part A & part B)

Enables the removal of artificial colour build-up (up to three levels), whilst maintaining the integrity of the hair. The integrated Fibre Bond Technology strengthens the hair fibre making it ready for a new colour service straight away.

  • Hair Primer 

Used to equalise porosity and balance out structural differences; helping to create uniform and even colour results without colour shift or impact on the final colour or lightener performance.

Step 2 – During Colouration

  • Skin Protect 

A barrier cream emulsion that protects the hairline during the coloration process. The lightweight consistency allows for a quick and easy application to the hairline, preventing staining or irritation to the skin.

  • Scalp Protect (150ml bottle)

A soothing serum formula that acts as a barrier to protect the scalp during a colour or lightening service. 

  • FIBREPLEX No.1 Bond Booster (500ml bottle)

An additive that can be mixed into any lightening, lifting or colouring system.
It reduces hair breakage and protects the inner hair structure from
potential damage but should not be added to products that contain already a Plex/Blonding technology.

Step 3 – After Colouration

  • FIBREPLEX No.2 – Bond Sealer (500ml bottle)

A deeply caring treatment that stabilises the bonds enforced by the FIBREPLEX No.1 Bond Booster. It also creates new bonds and balances the pH level for long-lasting strength, suppleness and shine.

  • Hair Sealer (750ml bottle)

A post-colour treatment with optimised pH level. It locks in the colour pigments to prevent colour fading and shifting to give brilliant results from root-to-tip in only 30 seconds. With build in Fibre 3+ Technology

  • Stain Remover (250ml bottle)

A cleansing fluid to remove unexpected stains after a colour service.

Get educated

By including products from the Schwarzkopf Professional range of colour enabling products across the three steps, salons are able to offer a more premium service to their clients with an optimized end result and coloration experience.

You can find all the details, product info and tips on Schwarzkopf Professional’s colour enablers on    and @schwarzkopfprouk on social media. Alongside step-by-step tutorials on the application and technologies included within the hero products from the range: Scalp Protect, Hair Primer and Hair Sealer. And don’t forget – you can register on for FREE access to open up a wealth of knowledge, including information on the new range of colour enabling products.

For more news from Henkel, click HERE.


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