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Pollution at home

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Pollution is all around us. And while we may think the main causes are outside, we and clients are probably not aware that pollution at home is also an issue. Everyone is at risk from indoor air pollution and typically, air quality inside British homes is 3.5 times worse than outside, according to a study across four cities for the Clean Air Day campaign. 

The culprits

  • LIME – In poor-water quality regions there’s a high concentration of mineral salts that cause lime. During rinsing, lime can deposit on skin and hair, leaving it dull and rough.
  • PARTICLE MATTER – Microscopic solid pollution particles on the air. They deposit on the hair’s surface, damaging the cuticles and even the internal hair shaft.
  • HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS, DISINFACTANTS and AIR FRESHENERS – These products can contain chemicals sometimes called VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  Sprayed into the air these VOC can attach themselves to hair
  • CANDLES & INCENSE – Many emit particles and other pollutants. Incense Sticks emit more than 100 times the number of fine particles as a candle.
  • HEATING & HOW YOU COOK – Cookers, heaters, stoves and open fires can release pollutants into your home including particulate matter (microscopic particles of dust and dirt in the air) and gases (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide)
  • POOR VENTILATION & DAMP – Poor ventilation can lead to a build-up of particles and other pollutants that hair absorbs over time.

All of the above have a huge effect on our health and as a result our skin, scalp and hair. As we know skin cells regenerate constantly but hair shafts don’t. 

Fight back with Magn±t

Revlon Professional designed Magn±t, an innovative haircare system to fight against pollution’s daily damage and its effect on hair.  To complement the professional in-salon service they designed three products clients can use at home to protect their hair from these aggressors and to maintain their hair colour and condition while at home until they can visit you again, including;

MICELLAR CLEANSER Gently cleans and removes pollutants from hair and scalp
Formulated with ingredients that help reinforce hair fibre and reduce particle deposits on the hair while leaving hair silky soft
 creates a lightweight shield for effective daily protection against environmental aggressors

Help your clients avoid pollution at home!

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