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After weeks – actually, make that months – of lockdown, once salons are in a safe position to open, we are all expecting tons of colour corrections and hair damage from home hair box colour bodge jobs. Hair will be porous and weakened so it’s important to use products that will care for hair in the most efficient but gentle way; allowing you to return your clients to their former glory with the least damage to their hair. On that note, Revlonissimo Technics has been specially formulated to help hairdressers achieve the best colour results time and again whilst supporting hair structure and condition.

Featuring the following products:

RevlonissimoRevlonissimo Technics Crème Peroxide: Uses Hydrogen Peroxide stabilising technology to ensure even colour results with an easy to mix texture.  High-quality oxidizers come in four strengths and are suitable for any mixture ratio to ensure the best colour results every time.

Revlonissimo Technics Post Colour Shampoo: This in-salon exclusive colouring shampoo has been specially designed with an acidic pH 4.5 formula to rebalance and restore the natural pH of the hair and scalp following salon colouring treatments. Infused with hyaluronic acid, cranberry extract and UVA/UVB filters, this shampoo gently cleanses and refreshes the hair and scalp while protecting against colour fade and damage. Available in 1000ml.

Revlonissimo Technics Anti-Porosity Milk: A multi-purpose treatment designed to improve the structure and quality of porous hair. This luxurious milk acts as a porosity equaliser, evening out porous areas to create a more uniform hair structure, which protects against uneven colouring for a vibrant result from root to tip. With an acidic pH 3.7-4.5 formula, Revlon Anti Porosity milk helps to seal the cuticle, protecting against damage and improving hair’s overall smoothness and colour combability. Can be used before and after a technical service.  Available in 250ml.

Revlonissimo Technics Barrier Cream: A protective skin cream to be applied around the hairline and ears prior to colour to shield against colour transference. Available in 100ml.

Revlon MagnetRevlonissimo Technics Colour Clean: Removes colour stains gently and easily from the skin without causing irritation. Available in 100ml.

Revlonissimo Technics Colour Remover: A 2-part clarifying colour corrector, that will gently lift 1-3 shades.  Ideal  if a client has coloured their hair at home and its either to bright or too dark .  This colour remover respects the hair structure and wont without cause too much warmth unlike other bleach washes.  Available in 2x100ml.

Revlon Professional® Magnet™ Anti-Pollution Neutralizer: An innovation in hair care, specially designed to fight against environmental aggressors. It includes an exclusive Pollupl+x System, with an advanced combination of ingredients to fight against pollution while repairing hair fibres at every step. Designed to work with any salon colour, it protects hair inner structure during technical service, neutralizes and repels pollutant particles on the hair, reducing the negative effects of poor water quality; while reinforcing and protecting hair fibres and creating a shield to reveal the best colour result.

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