American Crew Firm Hold Styling Cream

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This latest offering from American Crew is a real multi-tasker, offering high-hold with flexibility and moisturising properties. It’s sounds almost too good to be true!
We’re told the nourishing formula works with any hair type, as it features a cream base enhanced with panthenol and castor oil to moisturise and protect the hair for the duration of the style. Cleverly, this formula also allows looks with long-lasting hold that can be sculpted and defined as desired. We’re hooked, and we think your clients will be too. Don’t believe us? Here’s what the founder of American Crew had to say… 

“Our definition of style is confident, relevant, and timeless; and always starts with healthy hair,” says David Raccuglia. “Firm Hold Styling Cream works as a multi-tasker: delivering strong and lasting hold, with a formula rich in moisture that helps tame hair while working to improve luster and shine.” Very nice indeed. 

American Crew