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Advice to clients for disguising their roots from John Vial

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Of course as an industry we don’t want to be sending out the message that consumers should colour their own hair but the reality is your clients’ roots will be growing and they want to cover them. Revlon Professional’s John Vial has come to the rescue with these handy tips to share with your clientele…


“For blondes go throw all the roots with dry shampoo which will lighten the base and eliminate the contrast,” says John. “What you have now is a slightly grey tone, so in order to combat that tell clients to raid their make up bag and choose a golden eyeshadow to touch up around the hair line (just use an eyeshadow brush) to help break the contrast and make it look more natural.”  


“If you are dark or brunette avoid dry shampoo and go for dark eyeshadow or mascara to touch up roots.”


“Reds need to go by whether their root contrast is darker than the red or lighter. If it’s darker add dry shampoo and then select a warm eyeshadow to retouch. If its lighter avoid the dry shampoo and reach straight for the warm toned eyeshadow.”

Styling tips

  1. TOP KNOT – Pull it all up into a pony and wrap until you have four or five inches left and then use this hair to create a faux fringe at the front. Use clips  to hold in place and if you have one handy a slik scarf over them can look really chic and help to hold into place.  Gently tug at the sides to pull down a little at the sides, this will cover roots with lighter hair. Add shine spray now (Revlon Professional Style Masters Glamourama) as it will disguise the drier ends of your hair and create a more realistic finish for a fringe.
  2. MESSY PONY – Pull hair into a tight ponytail and then use the palms of your hand and brush the smooth part forward to loosen hair and create a halo effect. This will soften all contrasts between root regrowth and coloured hair, then gently smooth back for a fine halo. Spray with Revlon Professional Style Masters Modular Hairspray no. 3 to hold in place.  
  3. BRAIDS – Part the hair in two like school bunches. Braid them, then stretch the braids apart so they are softer and distressed. Pin one over the hairline at the front and then one behind it. (ref. Narcisco Rodriquez Perfume campaign with Carmen Kass). Then push them in the wrong direction to soften them with your palm. 

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