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Revive your blonde

You know summer is on it’s way because lighter, and brighter shades are make a comeback! Whether you’re making a statement with a bold platinum or warming things up with a luminous, nectar blonde, you can keep your colour looking fresh with Great Lengths Silver Shine Shampoo.

Designed to enhance and refresh blonde and silver strands, the Silver Shine Shampoo leaves hair vibrant, silky, and smooth, while reducing premature fading by protecting hair colour. This rich purple shampoo helps eliminate brassy tones on blonde hair to maintain a clean shade, whether you’re naturally blonde, have chemically lightened hair, or wear blonde extensions. 

Containing The Kera Protect Complex, this haircare hero significantly improves hair structure and repairs existing hair damage, while combating any yellow tones for a flawless, fresh tone.

Perfect to use in-between those salon visits, this after-care essential is ideal for banishing brassy tones without the fear of damaging or dehydrating hair and is specifically formulated to work with the 100% natural and 100% ethically sourced luxury hair, making it suitable for Great Lengths wearers and non-wearers.

How Does It Work?

  • The Kera-Protect-Komplex (Keraphlex) improves the hair structure, and repairs and prevents hair damage, resulting in silky, smooth hair.
  • It protects hair colour from premature fading thanks to its ingredient, Prodew 500.

How and When Do You Use It?

  • Ideally shampoo the hair once a week with the Silver Shine Shampoo. As with all professional shampoos, Great Lengths recommend shampooing the hair twice. The first shampoo can be lathered into the hair and then rinsed thoroughly. Repeat for the second cleanse.
  • For blondes, the Silver Shine shampoo is a great way of softening or cooling the blonde tone with regular use, or even creating a balayage effect.
  • Speak to your nearest Great Lengths stylist to find out how you can order and keep your blondes looking bright and beautiful.

For more news from Great Lengths, click HERE.


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