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The Collective

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THE COLLECTIVE: Garren, Howard & Thom 

We’re fascinated by the three strong personalities collaborating to create the R+Co brand. Garren is one of the most exciting session stylists today and on our must-follow trendsetter’s list, and Thom Priano is a men’s grooming expert who pretty much sets the tone for what men should look like. And there’s Howard McLaren whose heritage with Toni&Guy and Bumble&bumble, and his expertise with education and product is striking. So we ask them, how and why did they decided to collaborate on R+Co, and importantly how does it work…

How did R+ Co happen? How close were you all before you decided to work together?
It happened organically through Luxury Brand Partners. We knew each other in New York but hadn’t worked together professionally until we started R+Co.

What was your objective with R+ Co?
To change the culture of hairdressing through education and amazing products. We are always working to bring something original and groundbreaking to the industry. We keep the diversity and range of our brand shifting to reflect an ever-changing world. We want to create a movement of stylists who are brave enough and smart enough to recognize that the hair care business could use a little shaking up.

What do you find most exciting about R+ Co?
The most exciting thing for me is the transparency of the brand and our commitment to unconditional education. We are bringing back classic hairdressing with a modern take. It’s also exciting that we have a lot of fun working together.

The visuals are a strong feature of the brand, and define it’s identity – where do you look for inspiration?
Most of my inspiration comes from music and films. We have a very unique perspective and don’t really look to other beauty brands for inspiration. We are inspired by fashion brands like Balenciaga, Masion Margiela and Raf Simons.

How does the dynamic work between the three of you?
It’s truly a collaboration for everything about the brand from products to education. We each bring our individual perspectives and originality that creates the brand and makes R+Co unique.  

What’s next for the brand?
We are taking the Legends tour globally next year which is exciting for us. And we will continue to bring amazing products and try to connect hairdressers together, building community and embracing the culture of hairdressing.