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Amanda Wall

When R+Co first burst onto the hair scene a few years ago, the brand was like a breath of fresh air. Founded by a three-way collective of session stylist Garren, men’s grooming expert Thom, and educator Howard McLaren – it had a strong foundation. Their approach to packaging remains totally unique; product names are playful and clever, and visuals are unlike anything else we’ve seen in the industry. R+Co has created a signature style that’s become instantly recognisable. Driving the innovative design and product-naming process is mastermind Amanda Wall, R+Co’s creative director. We caught up with Amanda to find out her process for designing and naming products: 



How did you get involved with R+Co?
I was brought into R+Co through Howard McLaren as someone to help with photoshoots and casting. I had worked in the hair world before – a couple of years of freelancing as a casting director, fashion stylist, and art director for Bumble and bumble. In Miami, I was shown the first draft of the brand’s concept. I proposed a different idea which became the brand identity and packaging of R+Co that you see now.

We’re told you choose the design for the packaging and name for each product – How do you decide where to start? 
I always start with the names. I name each product based on what it does, so that there is a visual connection with the function, and I try to make it seem clever. Inspiration comes from all over; lyrics from songs, words in books, movies – I have lists of names that I keep in my phone. Sometimes I’ll be driving my car and have to pull over to write down a good word that we could possibly use in the future.


Instagram: @amanda_wall

Which do you prefer?
It’s sort of all one thing to me, all one process, I can’t think of a word without also thinking of an image. Finding the image is more fun though – giving a little bottle a sense of emotion. The image brings the product to life. 

What’re the biggest challenges of your job?
Finding names that other companies don’t own. It’s incredibly difficult to think of something cool, relevant to the product that is not being used in any way by any other beauty brand. 

What is your favourite product that you’ve designed?
VICIOUS is visually my favorite – it’s my hands on the packaging!

Instagram: @amanda_wall

What are your favourite R+Co products that you use?
TELEVISION shampoo and conditioner for sure, I have the liter size in my shower. I also love PALM SPRINGS, my hair is super thick and fluffy, so I love to use this mask for 30min+ pre washing. I use HIGH DIVE when I blow dry, and refresh it with WATERFALL or NEON LIGHTS when my hair is looking dry or puffy between shampoos.

How does it feel to work with creatives like Thom, Garren + Howard? 
It’s interesting because the three of them have more in common with each other – they’re all hairdressers, they’re all men, they’re all from a different generation than me. But we share similar references with beauty and design so it’s where we find a common language. It’s easy to stay on the same page when we are all sharing the same goal, to change the culture of hairdressing.

What’s your vision for R+Co in the future?
I’d love to see the brand expand beyond products and further into beauty and lifestyle. 

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