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Product Development with Dr Syed

Avlon’s founder and master chemist, Dr Ali Syed explains how the leading afro hair care brand continues to stay ahead of the curve in product development and what’s next for the global company.

Product Development

I read a lot and based upon the theoretical knowledge, and I come up with my own ideas which are then tried and tested through many experiments and eventually these ideas become a reality in the form of a new product or an invention.

“We look at various sources of data or market research and one of these sources is Mintel. We also conduct our research via our market research consulting group. Our sales staff in the marketplace is another source which continues to watch for any unmet needs of the hairstylists and consumer and this information is communicate to us on a weekly basis. Our sales staff also tries to find any new trends that are coming in the marketplace.

“We conduct lots of basic science research on Afro hair and scalp and new ingredients. Therefore, adding moisture to hair and scalp is one of the foremost endeavours we have achieved in the last decade along with strengthening the inherently week Afro hair.”

Game Changing Products

“There have been many complex products that I have been responsible to introduce to market. For example, in 1985, I was able to formulate first ever conditioning relaxer that straightened hair and conditioned hair simultaneously. I also devised first sensitive scalp relaxer that relaxed and conditioned simultaneously.

“In 1992, I introduced first ever KeraCare Dry and Itchy Scalp System based upon shampoo, conditioner and styling, which addressed the needs of the very dry Afro scalp. I also devised a crosslinking technology for reducing hair damage during hair lightening, hair colouring, and hair straightening. We got a patent for this technology last year.”

The Next Big Thing

“Hair growth is one of the frontiers for Textured hair. The African descent hair grows slower than Caucasian hair and this difference translates into approximately 22 to 35% less growth. Therefore, we’re looking to introduce new products in this category in the near future.”

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