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Michele Burgess

Introducing Power Drops… three highly-concentrated hair serums that can be intermixed with any hair product or used on their own to customise your haircare routine as you would your skincare routine. 
We spoke to Michele Burgess, Oribe’s executive director of product development to find out a little more about Power Drops …

Where did the inspiration for Power Drops come from? 
Power Drops were inspired by the customisation trend in skincare. Consumers don’t want to be spoken to as a demographic anymore, they want to be spoken to as individuals. Power Drops give people the ability to truly customise their hair care routine to suit their needs, just as they can already with skincare.

What’s so different about Power Drops than other products on the market? 
There aren’t a lot of hair care brands that give the consumer control over their routine, allowing them to add a boost to products they already use in order to improve their hair health. It’s a similar concept to adding an immunity or energy boost to your juice or smoothie, or adding a boost of anti-aging or radiance to your face cream.  

How do you get the inspiration for products? 
Inspiration can come from anywhere. Our team spends a lot of time exploring trends, visiting stores, attending trade shows, looking at the different markets and speaking with stylists. Then we brainstorm together.

How often do consumer trends influence new products? 
All the time. We love hearing from our #oribeobsessed fans, customers, salons and retailers to find out what they want and get feedback. 

What are the biggest challenges about working in product development?
Evolving the brand while staying true to who we are. We are always innovating and looking for the newest technology, but it’s important to hold on to the heritage and integrity of Oribe.

What do you think is going to be the next big hair trend? 
Sustainability. It’s a huge movement that every brand is trying to define for themselves from sustainable ingredients to packaging. It’s happening across the beauty industry and it will continue to grow in haircare, too. Another big trend is products becoming more technical, and following in the footsteps of skincare – like Power Drops! 

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