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Mist Evolution: Spa Mist II

Every salon knows the power of colour – not just as a creative aspect of hairdressing and an art form within itself, but also as a business generator. Colour is technical, and it’s a reflection of skill, dedication and education that differentiates the average salon from those who are celebrated for their colour prowess. From hairdressing icons that elevated colour to prominence, and who may well have coined the phrase ‘colourist’, like Royal colour supremo Daniel Galvin to Jo Hansford and Lisa Shepherd, to their contemporaries such as Sophia Hilton and Skyler London, colour has evolved. It is a key hairdressing service and essential to business success.

The Process of Colour Evolution

Colour product is essential to results and it has evolved over the decades with both exceptional range and quality available to colourists of every artistic persuasion. From everyday to extraordinary and off the shelf to off the wall, colour is a creative playground in which colourists and clients play with equal passion. 

As part of the constant evolution of colour and in the search for continual improvement in the technical delivery of colour services, and of course the result, technology plays a vital role too. Processors have long been a key tool, used by colourists to accelerate colour take and lock-in pigments for more vibrant, durable results. By using temperature to open the cuticle layer, colour product penetrates deeper into the hair shaft and, as cooling occurs, the pigment is sealed in. This ensures longer-lasting colour and a more vibrant result. The theory is sound. Yet in practice many processors used, and still use, heated water to create the ‘steam’ that opens the cuticle layers. The downside of this is that to create steam from water it needs to be extremely hot. First, the cuticle layer opens at around 30˚- 40˚so it doesn’t need extreme heat to achieve that. Overheating hair can damage it too so, despite the intention, hair can be weakened and its condition adversely affected. Second, the presence of ‘water steam’ entering the cuticle effectively dilutes the colour product, so the effect is compromised too.  

Mist – The Greatest Evolution in ‘Steam-Based’ Processing

As a world-leading equipment innovator, Takara Belmont has presented colourists with a selection of ground breaking technological solutions to this problem. Rollerball-F brought infrared technology to colour processing, which has literally revolutionised global colour. It’s distinctive rotating ring halves processing time and achieves exceptional colour results. But it’s in the area of ’steam processing’ that lies the greatest evolution of this processing equipment genre. 

To address the problem of heat and dilution, Takara Belmont applied ultrasonic wave technology to create a micro-mist from water at significantly lower temperatures. This ultra-fine ‘dry’ mist is not only generated at the optimum temperature of 30˚- 40˚, it ingeniously eliminates water moisture allowing the cuticle layer to open to receive colour and treatment product without any dilution. Next, to quickly cool hair and seal product in, a special cool-shot feature quickly reduces the cuticle temperature to close it. The result. More vibrant colour that lasts longer and more intensive conditioning treatments that combined, leave hair visibly healthier, glossier and more vibrant with no heat damage to the structure of the hair.

Spa Mist II – The Answer to Every Colour Question

The equipment design that delivers this innovative processing technology serves as its own innovation too. How could this technology benefit every salon?How could it be mobilised to treat more clients without requiring a fixed location? And how could it be unobtrusive and small enough to stow away when not in use? Importantly, how could it be easily and affordably available to salons with a minimum training requirement? The answer – Spa Mist II. As ingenious in its physical form as it is in its performance, Spa Mist II is the perfect companion for colour, and for those looking to elevate treatments and other chemical service outcomes, such as perms and waves.

This multi-tasking processor has it all. Convenience, speed, agility and scientifically proven results. Spa Mist II enhances every colour and treatment into a spa-style, atmospheric experience with its soothing, calming and warming mist. It delivers exceptional results that visibly and tangibly transform hair health, condition and process outcomes. Spa Mist II is mobile and just one unit can be affordably introduced and used to service multiple stations. It’s versatility allows salons to not only enhance colour and conditioning treatments, it improves perms and waves and you can expand your service menu with the addition of spa-style hand treatments.  And, by elevating the quality of results and the service delivery, technical services can be charged at a premium to boost income too.

As hairdressing salons seek to recover following a challenging year, Spa Mist II accelerates processing time so you can see more clients too. 

Why not discover how Spa Mist II can help you on your journey to a business transformation.

For more news from Takara Belmont, click HERE.


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