Welcome Anneliese!

rjhandley KEVIN.MURPHY

Joining Kevin Murphy as UK Education and Event.Key Manager this month, Anneliese Hesse is hot property! We were keen to meet this lady who is destined to shake up the education scene in 2018. Come meet her… 

How did you get into hairdressing?

I began hairdressing at 16 in my hometown of Maidstone, Kent. At school, all the teachers had scoffed when I said I wanted to be a hairdresser, apart from one  who said: “If you’re going to be a hairdresser, you make sure you’re the best bloody one around!” So I started an apprenticeship at Toni&Guy and that was it! 

What do you love most about the hairdressing industry?

Being a hairdresser! I love having the ability to make people look beautiful and feel beautiful. Moving into education was a natural step for me because I wanted to inspire others to do the same.

What has been your career highlight to date?

Having my work published in British Vogue was pretty exciting! Almost getting knocked off of the stage by Errol Douglas’s ferocious hug at an awards show I was presenting was memorable, too! And of course beginning my exciting new adventure with Kevin.Murphy…

So, what attracted you to Kevin.Murphy as a brand? 

I love their core values, their philosophy and what the brand stands for: skincare for hair; using performance-based ingredients; being environmentally aware of the decisions we make; and of course, fashion-forward packaging and imagery. As hairdressers we use a huge amount of resources on a daily basis and I think it’s incredibly important to be aware of this and consider the choices we make. I’m a huge animal lover so being cruelty-free is really important to me.

Have you got any favourite products so far?

I’m addicted to Angel.Wash and Rinse, Anti.Gravity and Un.Tangled, and never leave the house without my Shimmer.Me Blonde!

So what’s next for you & Kevin.Murphy… what can we expect in 2018?

 We will be  putting on several events throughout the year to educate and inspire our salons on the latest trends and techniques. Session.Salon will be continuing in 2018 and we will be looking to grow and develop our Color.Me Education in new areas, too. We’re all going out to visit Kevin for the 2018 Future.Love show in Prague in June and we would love to see you there, too!

We wish Anneliese Hesse all the best in her new role, and we’re pretty sure with her passion for education, she’s going to knock it out the park. If you’re interested in the FUTURE.LOVE show in June – stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you more information in the next few weeks!