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Gary Thomas established Mooch in 2003, and it has since become the go-to independent salon in Brighton. With a quirky interior bursting with industrial fittings and vintage finds, Gary has worked extremely hard with his team to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for his range of clients both young and old. Mooch has been stocking KEVIN.MURPHY for thirteen years, find out why they love it: 

With so many salons in Brighton, what do you think makes Mooch different?

All our stylists are creative individuals who work on a self-employed basis. This way, they have the freedom to express themselves as creatively as they like. We pride ourselves on a warm, welcoming atmosphere and we have a team of all ages that help all our clients to feel comfortable in the surroundings. In Mooch, we have created an interesting space full of vintage finds with large areas given over to fashion and design magazines.

We love the quirky vibe… what was your inspiration for the salon design?

I believe people are drawn towards our shop due to its unique style. We are constantly changing and updating – most recently, adding a new frontage complete with vintage style canopy. Clients can sit outside underneath it whilst waiting almost like a continental coffee shop. I love vintage fairs and markets and have carefully chosen each piece to compliment what we already have. The salon has been used for fashion shoots and filming proving we have created a space people are genuinely interested to explore. 

How long have you been working with KEVIN.MURPHY? 

We’ve stocked KEVIN.MUPRHY for 13 years and love it as much now as the day we came across it. I was drawn to it because of the packaging and the sulphate- and paraben-free claims. After trying the range I was totally taken in by it – Kevin knows hairdressers well and had created a brand that is not only ethical but also really works! I love the fact it gained the PETA bunny some years ago, making it stand out from other brands and it has an ethos that really fits in with what our clients are looking for here in Brighton. 

What are your favourite KEVIN.MURPHY products?

For our curly hair clients the MOTION.LOTION is a must and combined with FULL.AGAIN for finer hair clients is a real winner. Our favourite men’s grooming product has to be NIGHT.RIDER combined with THICK.AGAIN, which we use as a primer to the hair. Men love the fact that it can be used in wet or dry hair, and all the products can be layered to create stronger textures. 

What do you clients think about KEVIN.MURPHY products?

Our repeat sales tell us what they think! They love what they can achieve by using them. The fact they can go online and watch Kevin explain each of the products in detail including a demonstration of him using them is a massive bonus. 

What do you think the secret to a successful salon is? 

Hard work, and constantly looking for ways to improve what we offer. Educating both stylists and clients is paramount to the success of any salon.

If Mooch had to be known for one single thing… what would that be?

Amazing, individual hair!