Melbourne Fashion Week Kevin Murphy

KEVIN.MURPHY at Melbourne Fashion Week

rjhandley KEVIN.MURPHY

For the fourteenth year, Kevin led a team of KEVIN.MURPHY stylists in creating looks for several runway shows at Melbourne Fashion Week. For the launch, Little Bourke Street was transformed into an open-air runway showcasing designers such as Sass and Bide, Camilla and Marc, Alice McCall, Gorman and Manning Cartel.
The KEVIN.MURPHY team was on hand to create looks that reflected the easygoing Australian lifestyle which juxtaposed with some of the elaborate collections from the designers. Hair was styled to look windswept, but the addition of pearls scattered throughout the hair gave the look a soft, effortlessly chic finish.
Kevin says: “Healthy hair lustre is the hero this season. Our product use is seamless, creating authentic polish and shine. There was a real romanticism to highlight Emily Ward’s styling, which was beautiful.”

Get the Melbourne Fashion Week look: 

• Apply ANTI.GRAVITY to towel-dried hair and blow-dry in.
• Prep the hair by layering in DOO.OVER and part the hair across the centre of the head, leaving an inch of hair out around the hairline. Then, secure an inch of hair from the part at the bottom of the nape.
• Spray in ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY starting from the nape and moving upwards, and dry in.
• Layer the look with BEDROOM.HAIR, and loosely secure an inch of hair to the nape from either side of the head, leaving two strips out behind each ear.
• Secure the remainder of the hair into a ponytail and finish with SHIMMER.ME BLONDE for shine and lustre.
Photos provided courtesy of Luis Murphy and Lucas Dawson Photography.