David Maxwell

David Maxwell wins a place on the SHOOT.ME trip

rjhandley KEVIN.MURPHY

As part of their Coppafeel Breast Cancer awareness campaign, Kevin.Murphy held a competition to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to South Africa to assist Kevin Murphy himself in their 2018 campaign shoot. Lucky David Maxwell, of David Maxwell Hairdressing in Bath, scooped the golden ticket to join Kevin and his team in Cape Town for SHOOT.ME. Over the two days, 52 hairdressers styled 27 models which were then shot on location. Stylists learnt how to organise their own photography shoot, and heard top-tips from the KM team on how to achieve those effortlessly beautiful, editorial looks. So fresh back from his trip, we caught up with David to find out more about his SHOOT.ME adventure… 

  • How did you feel when you found out you’d won a trip to South Africa to take part in SHOOT.ME? It was such a great cause and we were glad to take part – the fact that there was competition attached to it was a second thought. When I found out I’d won, I thought it was an elaborate wind-up. Even when I saw the Facebook post I still couldn’t believe it – it wasn’t until the tickets came through that the reality sank in. I’ve always wanted to visit Cape Town,when I found out I was going AND going to be working with KEVIN MURPHY, I was overwhelmed but seriously excited.
  • Had you ever done anything like this before? 
    I’ve been part of photo shoots before but never at this level of professionalism. It has truly inspired me to get back into doing photo shoots for my own salon again.
  • How did it feel to work alongside Kevin Murphy himself?
    Kevin is such an inspirational man. He’s very good at putting you at ease, but at the same time great at communicating and directing you to achieve more. It was the small touches that changed the image into what we were looking to achieve.
  • What was your highlight?
    The on-location shoot. The whole team worked so well together – in the preparation, wardrobes, make-up artists, the models, co-ordinators – too many to mention by name! even though there was a lot of hanging around,  it still went so quickly and Luis Murphy the photographer was brilliant.
  • How long have you been working with Kevin Murphy products, and what do you love most about them? We’ve only been using the KEVIN.MURPHY since the beginning of the year – the team loved them from day one. It’s imperative that the icon group work with us not just supply us, the support and ongoing education has been faultless, I can only work with an ethical brand as well so cruelty-free and no animal testing is crucial.
  • Any favourite products? SMOOTH.AGAIN is fantastic for getting great finish on blow dry’s, but since going on the trip I think it has to be DOO.OVER. Demonstrated by the man himself, I now know how to get the best from it! 
  • Any finally, what do you love most about being a hairdresser? People often ask me this, and I answer something different every time. The most consistent thing is the people who are in the industry – the have so much energy and enthusiasm. I love my customers. It makes going to work more like meeting up with friends; but getting creative, having fun and getting paid at the same time. Who wouldn’t love it?!