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KeraCare® for your hair

The Avlon brand has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to caring for Afro hair – going back decades. In fact, the Avlon KeraCare® range is formulated with professional salon use in mind; all products are conditioning to ensure the health and beauty of Afro-textured hair.

Importantly, working with the KeraCare® haircare products means you can reassure clients their hair and scalp is being cared for whether they have natural, or chemically-treated hair. For in-salon use and retail purchase for home-use, using natural ingredients and cruelty-free processes, this is a beautiful proposition.

KeraCare® for your hair

At first glance the range includes many choices of cleanser, conditioner and styling products, which makes sense in reflecting the wide variety of care Afro-textured hair requires. Remember that often one single client may have different textures in their hair, ranging from wavy to coily or zig-zag. The way a client wears their hair may mean being aware of potential problems or styling struggles. The wearing of hair in braids, adding weaves and colouring or relaxing processes will also add the potential for drying hair, irritating the scalp and other issues. The breadth of KeraCare® products available, and that so many of the styling options are beautifully conditioning, is perfect for Afro-texture hair. Create the right service menu that is an individual as each client!

Lets talk cleansing. The selection of KeraCare® shampoos includes a variety of formulas which cleanse and leave the hair revitalised. Each of the carefully made formulas targets a different problem…

KeraCare® for your hair

  • 1st Lather Shampoo – think of this as offering a deep clean whether on natural hair or weaves. This shampoo cleans the hair of oil, dirt and product build up so it’s easy to style again
  • Hydrating Detangling Shampoo – a winner at the Hair Magazine 2019, this option is great for hair which has lost softness and It repairs damaged areas along the hair shaft and decreases inter-fibre friction; after use, you will be able to comb your hair more easily
  • Moisturizing Shampoo for Colour Treated Hair – Avoiding the dreaded colour fade and drying effect of colour services, this shampoo is amazing! It helps lock in colour, minimise fade, and protects the hair from the dulling effects of UV rays
  • Dry & Itchy Scalp Anti-Dandruff – There is nothing worse than an itchy scalp! This specially formulated shampoo alleviates dry and itchy scalps whilst eliminating flakiness. Made with natural ingredients to ensure your scalp is truly soothed
  • Cleansing Cream – For a clean, healthy scalp, this product contains neem leaf extract to help eliminate scalp bacteria leaving hair healthier. Shikakai proteins, Amla extract plus Argan and Abyssinian oils add natural shine, too
  • Honey Shea Co-Wash – This Silicone-free co-wash cleanses dirt, debris and excess oils from hair and scalp, leaving hair soft, smooth, shine and prime for growth. Great for dry, thirsty, natural hair that is difficult to detangle

Now to conditioners; you’ll notice how this category strays into the styling choices, too. KeraCare® conditioners are truly nourishing on the hair. Leaving the hair feeling soft and noticeably shinier, you and your client should also notice the hair is more manageable and looks salon-worthy even after home use! Nice.

KeraCare® for your hair

  • Humecto Crème – corrects moisture imbalances in the hair, perhaps where it has become dry and brittle, has static electricity, and is unmanageable. Maybe due to its exposure to chemicals and heated-styling tools. Adding body and moisture, this conditioner is excellent for all hair textures
  • Moisturizing Conditioner for Colour Treated Hair – Fantastic conditioning agents restore, moisturize and fortify the hair deep within the cortex. For best results pair with Color Treated Shampoo.
  • Dry & Itchy Scalp Anti-Dandruff – Refreshing and soothing for itchy scalps, also great for normal scalps during the colder months
  • Leave-in Conditioner – instantly moisturises the hair and is a God-send for detangling. This conditioner also has UV-protection to keep your hair healthy during summer months and as a prep before heat-styling
  • Intensive Restorative Masque – a nourishing hair treatment for a silky, soft texture. This repairs damage and reinforces weakened areas along the hair shaft to aid recovery
  • Overnight Moisturizing Treatment – Dull, weak and damaged hair is super-potent and penetrates hair cuticles over time. A professional product for home use to strengthen and condition
  • Strengthening Thermal Protector – Does what it says! Apply to detangle hair prior to blow-drying, and to limit style-destroying effects of humidity
  • Oil Moisturizer – When hair lacks lustre, appears unhealthy and dry (and perhaps the client has a dry scalp)the jojoba oil in this product will help soften and moisturize without a heavy, oily build-up. Ideal for children and men
  • Deep Moisturizing Masque – Revitalizing and restoring moisture to dry hair, this masque helps prevent breakage and reduce tangling
  • Natural Textures Leave-in – Preserves the elasticity, strength and health of hair whilst balancing the pH and sealing the cuticles
  • Natural Textures Hair Milk – A light moisturizer to rejuvenate dry, frizzy, lifeless curls, coils or twists without overpowering or compromising texture
  • Natural Textures Butter Cream – A moisture-locking souffle that employs Lanolin, plus Argan, Abyssinian and Castor natural oils for a properly natural oil and moisture balance.

KeraCare® for your hair

Each and every KeraCare® product has been carefully formulated to ensure hair has long-lasting results and is thoroughly nourished. Remember that Dr Ali N. Syed, the founder of the Avlon brand, has been in the business of formulating products specifically for Afro-texture hair for more than 40 years. You can’t ignore his knowledge and expertise, and his reputation for creating awesome hair care and styling products is unrivalled.

To find out more of the brand portfolio, follow our posts. If you’d like specific information about stocking Avlon, please email:

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