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Before we let our five fantastic colourists loose on the Kenra Color portfolio, we  wanted to give them a taster of the vast styling product range. Trust us when we say … it really is massive! So we were extremely keen to hear our bloggers opinions on both the appearance, performance and any favourites in the range… 

Kenra Styling Products

Kenra Professional

Jamie Richards

What were your first impressions of the wet line products? I was really surprised at how many products there were. The packaging is smart and the colour scheme is contemporary. They’re silver and really eye-catching Especially if you’re a magpie and attracted to shiny things, like me! I did struggle a little with distinguishing the products from each other as the writing is quite small, and some products are similarly shaped.  

How did you go about testing them out? I tested the products on myself and my team in the salon to see how they worked on hair types I already knew. After that, I went in on the clients who all loved the scent. That’s the first thing most clients comment on – especially with the Polish Shine. One of my clients said she wanted it as a perfume and put it on her wrists! I used the Thickening Spray on a colleague with fine hair. It felt heavy, like I had applied too much but after working the hair for a few minutes, I realised it created the perfect base texture to create hair-ups without them looking matte, or dry.

What did you think was the most interesting or unique product in this line? The Polish Shine. It’s versatile and great for smoothing out very damaged hair – the type of hair that is spilt on the ends but the client doesn’t want it cut! It’s stops the hair looking dry, and instead creates a silky finish.

What was your favourite? A shine spray will always be my favourite and the Kenra line has two: a Shine Spray and a Silkening Mist which is heavier. I loved them both and are great for creating perfectly separated ‘insta waves.’ Also, the Dry Texture Spray is amazing for adding matte texture to hair ups and to waves. 

Will you be adding any of these products to your kitbag? Definitely the Dry Texture Spray, Shine Sprays and the Polish Shine to my kit for sure! 



What were your first impressions of the wet line products? I love the packaging. The silver-on-silver of the platinum line is eye-catching, clean and modern. The Silkening Gloss and the Silkening Mist/ Dry Texture Spray bottles were the most stand-out and premium looking.

How did you go about testing them out? I just got stuck in! The wonderful thing about being in a salon is new products excite the whole team so I had many willing heads of hair to test out on.

What did you think was the most interesting or unique product in this line? The most interesting for me was the Silkening Gloss, it added wonderful shine but didn’t feel overly heavy or oily.

What was your favourite? I had two. The Curl Glaze Mousse – it gave my wavey hair wonderful definition without feeling crunchy, and works fantastically when put through damp hair and left to dry naturally. The Silkening Mist was great to finish any wavey look, and it gave an amazing polish and glisten to the hair which really makes the colour pop, a nice change to the matte texture imparted by salt and dry texture sprays.

Will you be adding any of these products to your kitbag? Yes the products I would add to my kit bag are: Silkening Mist, Curl Glaze Mousse, Thickening Spray, Super Hold Finishing Spray & Blow- dry Spray!

Any additional thoughts you’d like to share? I’m not a huge fan of using a load of product in the hair. Where product is needed I lean towards lighter hold and a less-is-more approach. I liked the Kenra products as they didn’t feel massively heavy or sticky and washed out easily


What were your first impressions of the wet line products? Absolutely love the packaging – it’s so classy. It has a variety of shapes and sizes. The reflective silver and clear tones work really well and compliment each other. They look beautiful as a complete collection and are very appealing to customers. Most products have a subtle smell and aren’t overpowering, plus the numbering system is really helpful as a guide. 

How did you go about testing them out? I’ve been trying to concentrate on the numbering system indicating the hold factor when selecting my product. I always like to use a heat deference protector on every hair type that I work with, combined with the best product I feel the hair needs to either smooth, elevate or texturise depending on the desired look I’m trying to achieve.

What did you think was the most interesting or unique product in this line? Silkening Gloss looks like the ultimate product because of its high-gloss reflective packaging, plus it smells absolutely divine. It’s so moisturising and soaks beautiful into unruly hair without leaving it feeling heavy or appearing greasy. 

What was your favourite? Thickening Spray is so soft on the finest of hair, yet gives an effortless elevation. It plumps the hair and also creates beautiful volume and support to most styles.

Will you be adding any of these products to your kitbag?
I’m in love with the hairsprays. The medium hold (no 9 factor) will definitely be assisting me when I’m out on shoots or creating bridal hairstyles. It’s firm but flexible and can be brushed out easily.

Any additional thoughts you’d like to share? As a busy stylist in salon I like to look at a product and be able to instantly differentiate it from another product. This can be by the shape of the packaging, colour or size variations. Kenra hairsprays have 4 different hold factors with 2 of the nozzles being black as an indicator alongside the number near to the bottom of the cans. I think they would benefit with a small colour indicator near the top of the can as a clear visual difference for stylist to see for them to make an instant choice of spray. 

Kenra Professional

Brooke Evans

What were your first impressions of the wet line products? Wow! What a beautiful product range, I love that everything is uniformed and all the product look attractive on the shelf. Every product in the range is purposeful and needed I was excited to play with the range.

How did you go about testing them out? I started them using in the salon on clients who have hair struggles so I would know if they worked or not! Realising very soon on they did, by making the hair much less frizzy was a dream. I then used them on stage at HairClubLive (photo attached below) this where the magic began. They are such great products to work with especially when you’re on stage and need products that do the job. I went on to win a Tribute Magazine prize for my look and Kenra 100% helped me along the way to get this.

What did you think was the most interesting or unique product in this line? The Texturising Spray. It came out like a dry shampoo but sat on the hair in a much better way giving it lift, texture and volume all in one. I’ve used this a lot. 

What was your favourite? My ultimate favourite is the Silkening Gloss! Not only does it smell amazing, it’s great for a pre-blow dry and a finishing product. I love it when one product has dual purposes. This stopped my most frizzy clients having that annoying static like finish. It made the over all look smooth and glossy.

Will you be adding any of these products to your kitbag? I will defiantly be taking on all the Kenra Hair Sprays, the Strong Hold one is fierce and was fab on stage. I will be also taking the Texture Spray and Silkening Gloss,I have lots of fun exploring this range.

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