Embracing curls with JOICO

Christie Jump for Joico

Curls are a big comeback and they’re here to stay! Support your clients in embracing their natural hair texture. What’s important is that JOICO has the right products to help them with this. Coz what’s better than natural really?

Gill Berry, JOICO European Design Team Member says: ”Recently we have noticed an increase in new clients with curly hair as they know we are experienced in this and JOICO products accommodate natural curls. During lockdown, many clients gave up the heated appliances and gave their hair a break, with many loving their natural hair once again. There is now a huge trend in more natural texture, be it man made or naturally given.”

JOICO offers a wide range of products ranging from shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products. The new Hydra Splash range adds moisture to dry hair but is light and will not weigh the hair down. Zero Heat is a styling creme that enhances curls or texture while controlling the tendency to frizz.

”I absolutely love working with curly hair and have been holding webinars and courses during lockdown with JOICO’‘ says Altin Ismaili, hairdresser and JOICO ambassador. ”Curly hair is so different to straight hair. It’s drier, requires more products and is very fragile. The way I explain it is like this – imagine a straight rollercoaster and a twisted rollercoaster. The straight one will get to the end faster however the twisted one takes time – this is the same for curly hair. The oils from the scalp struggle to get down so we need to add more and be patient.

Very often stylist and clients are afraid to touch their hair or dress it. But if you apply the right amount of the right product for the hair and dry it correctly then the result will be amazing. It’s all about educating the client and ensuring they are aware of the right way to manage their hair. Curly hair is beautiful and I always encourage my clients to work with their natural beauty.

I would recommend that once the hair is shampooed and the conditioner has been applied, you rinse the conditioner out for 3-5seconds as this allows the hair cuticle and the curl to remain as one. I then advise styling with the JoiWhip Mousse to achieve the hold factor; it’s fantastic as it encompasses the best of both worlds – softness and hold.”

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