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Color Butters

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We’re thrilled to hear that Joico will be using their Color Butters at Colour World UK in May. Available in six vibrant colours (Green, Blue, Titanium, Purple, Red and Pink), Color Butters are a brilliant, ultra-moisturizing hybrid products to amp up the richness of high-beam hair colour or add a pop of colour to blondes who want to shake things up. Lasting up to 10 washes, they’re a brilliant way to encourage your clients to have fun with their hair colour in a commitment-free way.
And the positives don’t stop there! Color Butters also strengthen weak, pre-lightened hair, restoring vital moisture levels that leave hair frizz-free and more responsive to styling  (thanks to JOICO’s state-of-the-art technology – including restorative Arginine and powerful Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex) another factor that your clients will love. We’re big fans of these tubs that fuse fashion with fun for fabulous results and suggest you give them a go… 

Color Butter formula: 

Kukui Nut Oil: a prized moisturizer from the Hawaiian Kukui Nut (or Candlenut) Tree. The benefits: rich with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, this powerful oil moisturizes dry hair while improving elasticity and shine.
Shea Butter: a powerful moisturizer widely used in skincare, Shea Butter is produced from the Shea-Karite tree nut, which is native to the tropics of East and West Africa. It provides extraordinary moisturization and helps to restore elasticity and shine.
Direct Deposit Dyes: the same true pigments found in JOICO Color Intensity – vibrant dyes that recharge faded hues and amp up fashion color for up to 10 shampoos.
Arginine: depleted from the hair during the pre-lightened process, Arginine is the amino acid most responsible for hair’s ability to stretch rather than break. It helps shield and protect hair’s fragile protein and lipids, rendering it stronger and more responsive. Furthermore it strengthens hair, replenishing Arginine lost during the pre-lightening process.
Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex and Quadramine Complex®: this blend of smart, hair-identical keratins reconstruct the hair where and when needed. These optimized proteins actively “seek out” and lock in on damaged sites, providing around-the-clock hair repair and protection from the inside out.

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