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JPMS Sustainability Scorecard

It can be overwhelming to figure out who’s really walking the sustainability walk, and not just doing a greenwash talk! One brand who gives us clarity is Paul Mitchell. The company was founded on great principles, and remains devoted to caring for the planet now.

How is Paul Mitchell doing? 

This year, CEO for John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) Michaeline DeJoria, shared a message on what she calls the JPMS Sustainability Scorecard. This showcases the company’s journey so far in creating a better world for employees, salon partners, local communities and the planet at a whole. She writes: “At JPMS, we believe that sustainability is not a single initiative, but a fundamental principle that must guide everything we do.”

The company released a detailed account of the progress made in four key areas: Reducing use of virgin plastic; de-carbonizing operations; reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill; and responsible sourcing of ingredients and materials. 

JPMS at a glance - sustainability score card


The mission at JPMS

Michaleline DeJoria at JPMS

Michaeline reminds us that the vision for JPMS is to be an industry leader in regenerating natural resources and communities through people- and planet-positive business practices at every level of the organisation. While providing the highest-quality professional haircare products, the company is taking steps in these directions: 
• conserving water
• revolutionising sustainable packaging
• decarbonising operations
• respecting human rights
• restoring the ecosystems and communities where JPMS does business.


JPMS is partnered with ReforestAction. With a mission to preserve, restore and create forests around the world, Reforest’Action has been a tree planting partner, reviving the health of forests around the world. The Tea Tree brand has planted trees in Haiti, Peru, UK and Germany, and in 2023 reached their goal of planting a total of one million trees, with a commitment to plant an additional one million trees by 2030.

Michaeline DeJoria is taking action to keep the company that her father John Paul DeJoria and his partner Paul Mitchell set up and which is so loved by hairdresser globally. She’s pragmatic however and says: “While we are proud of how far we’ve come, our goals toward a more sustainable future are never final. Our actions today will have a profound impact on the future, and we are committed to continue the innovation that will bring a better world for all.”

You can follow the story in more detail HERE

Take a look at the latest release of products in the Tea Tree Lemon Sage family. Great natural ingredients, in formulas which prioritise eco-conscious practice. And for the Tea Tree Special Shampoo Bar HERE

For more Choise of news from Paul Mitchell, click

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