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In Conversation: Aveda & Phillip Lim

What do you get when you combine one of the world’s top fashion designers with a well-respected, planet-loving hair brand? A dream collaboration, that’s what. Aveda and 3.1 Phillip Lim have worked together for 10 years. And, to celebrate the launch of their new holiday gift collection, Phillip Lim and Aveda’s global brand president Barbara De Laere recently came together to discuss all things sustainability, changing perceptions and self-care, interviewed by none other than model and self-professed activist, Arizona Muse.

How did Aveda and 3.1 Phillip Lim come together?

Barbara: Aveda has worked in fashion for decades and we fell in love with Phillip and his team instantly. We’ve learned along the way how well our brands are aligned. I recall a panel at the Fashion Institute of Technology a couple of years ago, Phillip and I clicked and discussed the future of both of our industries. The vision we had on sustainability and our approach to resourcing were a fit and Phillip was the first to raise his hand to say “yes, I’m in”.

Phillip: Aveda’s been instrumental in teaching us the value of beauty. We think about what that means not just from a surface point of view, but how that can contribute to making the world a more beautiful place. We converted all our shows to be green which kick-started and reinforced the journey I’m on as a person and as a brand. And, we celebrate how we can change perceptions and instil this value system in consumers and the industry, because we all play a role and are learning constantly. Everything we do matters. It’s about how we make something that actually gives back and allows us to move forward with growth.

How did you choose the accessories in the gift collection?

Phillip: It was about ‘everything happens for a reason’. What happened over the past year has been a wake-up call. We live such fast paced, multi-facet lives, we forget about ourselves and how important it is to be present. When Aveda presented this opportunity to me, I immediately thought “hey, what we need is a ritual”. Where we take a moment to kick-start, or end our day. We have worked together to create products that remind people of the beauty of self-care.

Barbara: We talked a lot about creating items that are functional, multi-useful and long lasting. We asked our customers and artists and they wanted hair accessories.

Can you tell us more about the beautiful prints?

Barbara: It’s a joint appreciation of the beauty of nature which is our muse for everything. There’s more to sustainability than the materials you use. We needed quality and timelessness and we chose a print that we can use year-long.

Phillip: I seek nature as a source of inspiration and recovery. When I disappear into nature, it rejuvenates me. So I wanted to use the boxes to create a canvas of art that lasts – you can use it to store things after receiving it – meaning the artwork transcends the product.

 What is the sustainability aspect of the gifts?

Barbara: Sustainability and a lot of nature is truly the heart of both of our brands. At Aveda we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise between natural and high performance, or beauty and social responsibility. So sustainability is woven through this collection every step of the way. For example, our hair towels, and bag are made from organic cotton and our gift boxes can be reused, are made from 100% recycled paper and are FSC certified.

Phillip: We are in a moment which feels like a rebirth. We have accumulated learnings and added to our journey. Even with Aveda, the sky’s the limit. We have to reimagine how we start – reboot things in a better way.

Find out more about Aveda HERE


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