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How-to Bound Braid

Ghd are showing us how to create the perfect pony… featuring a bound braid. We’re thinking this glam up-do is perfect for a wedding or a date night, wherever you’re off to ghd have got you covered.

What you need

  • ghd Platinum+
  • ghd wide tooth comb
  • ghd Perfect Ending
  • Hair elastic
  • Silver leather

How-to Bound Braid

STEP 1 – HAIR: Starting at the nape, take a 2cm square section of hair.

STEP 2 – ORIENTATION: Place ghd platinum+ vertically into the hair pointing down.

STEP 3 – TURN: Turn 360°.

STEP 4 – TRAVEL: Glide down the hair 3 inches.

STEP 5: Remove the styler.

STEP 6 – TRAVEL: Repeat the technique.

STEP 7: Continue this way until you reach the  ends of the hair.

STEP 8: Continue until all the hair has been  curled this way, always alternating the direction of each curl.

STEP 9: Spritz with ghd perfect ending.

STEP 10: Comb through the hair to soften  the texture with a ghd wide tooth comb.

STEP 11: Pull all the hair back into a low pony,  leaving a section out at the front hair line.

STEP 12: Secure with an elastic.

STEP 13: At the base of the pony, tie a piece  of silver leather.

STEP 14: Taking 1cm piece’s of hair, wrap the  leather under neath the section.

STEP 15: Pass the leather over the pony, passing under a 1cm piece of hair on the opposite side.

STEP 16: Then bring under the leather under  the pony and repeat.

STEP 17: Continue until you have a small triangle  shape with the bind and tie the end  back up at the base of the pony.

STEP 18: Wrap the base of the pony with hair.

STEP 19: Secure with a pin.

STEP 20: Pinch and pull the front section,  fix with ghd perfect ending.

YOU DID IT! Now your client is ready to hit the town.

For more good hair news from ghd, click HERE.


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