Top tips when using IGORA Color10 – by Lesley Jennison

Aurore Caboche Henkel

Eager to go back to your clients and get this colour party started? Soon, hopefully! Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador and colour extraordinaire Lesley Jennison shares her top tips for using Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA Color10 – designed to help you cope with the time issue.

Gone are the days where you could work on more than one client at a time, with their colours developing at different stages, at least for the time being. This is where IGORA Color10 comes in; with innovative Amino Acid Carrier technology, it delivers beautiful colour results, perfect coverage and outstanding care – all in just 10 minutes processing time! Now, that’s fast!

Lesley explained, ”IGORA Color10 is amazing; it processes perfectly, covers perfectly and delivers perfect tone in just 10 minutes. This cuts processing time down by a third, meaning you can see more clients whilst still only seeing one client at a time – this is going to be vital for running a safe and successful salon, once we are able to go back to work.”

Lesley Jennison

Lesley’s top tips

  • Ensure the hair is T sectioned prior to colouring, this will help to make the process more efficient
  • Apply to the centre of your clients parting first, this will help to reassure your client that despite the quick processing time they will get 100% coverage, especially on the most visible part of the hair
  • To achieve 100% coverage on grey or white hair, leave to develop for an extra 5 minutes
  • When applying on the front sections, use a little less colour on your brush
  • When using Color10 for a T section tint, ensure you have your applicator bottle with your vibrance and gel activator already mixed up, this will enable you to put vibrance on the lengths as soon as you have finished the roots

”IGORA Color10 works in the exact same way as using IGORA Royal, making it super easy to use. Color10 is perfect for covering regrowth however with such a quick processing time, you do need to apply the colour in a maximum of 15 minutes so you need to ensure you prep accordingly’‘ Lesley adds.

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