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As salons across the UK and Ireland prepare for provisional reopening in July, Schwarzkopf Professional has created a reference book- the Back to Business guide- covering quick and easy colour services to support hairdressers in the busy and challenging weeks and months to come. Much needed!

Julian Crane

Julian Crane, Henkel Beauty Care General Manager for UK & Ireland, says “Salons reopening is exciting news, but comes with its own set of challenges – from clients with damaged hair from home dye, to the realities of managing a busy appointment book and influx of clients. Colour is the most profitable part of a salon business but technical services are going to look a lot different in the next few weeks and months. That’s why Schwarzkopf Professional created this reference guide, that allows colourists and salon owners to identify, and prepare for, potential challenges and feel confident tackling whatever comes their way. We’re proud to have supported our salons throughout the lockdown period with education and inspiration, as well as our Help Your Salon and Salon Home Delivery services. As we move into the next phase of reopening, we hope that our Salon Guidelines and Back to Business Colour Guide will provide the support that salons need to navigate the times ahead with creativity and confidence.”

Scenarios & Solutions

The Back to Business guide highlights six scenarios that Schwarzkopf Professional believes salons will be facing. Each scenario is matched with suggested services, products, formulas and techniques to remedy the situation quickly, easily and effectively. Sounds very informing!

Salons can use the guide to maximise on new services and launches from Schwarzkopf Professional as well that are perfect for the current climate like:

  • Igora Color 10 which provides coverage in just ten minutes
  • ChromaID which refreshes and tones without the need for patch testing
  • Bond Enforcing Color Remover for undoing any home colour experiments

These are 3 of the 6 scenarios and the suggested solutions:

  1. My salon is getting ready to open and too many clients want appointments

Concern: I need to see a lot of clients, while maintaining results and service.

Solution: Cost-effective colour services that are easy to apply and quick to develop.

Suggested products: Igora Color 10, Igora Vibrance, ChromaID, BlondMe

Suggested techniques: T-section coverage, quick BlondMe contouring, ChromaID refreshing, neutralising and toning at home

  1. My returning clients have less money to spend

Concern: My clients want a professional colour, but are on a reduced budget.

Solution: Creative colour placement to maximise results.

Suggested product: Igora Royal

Suggested techniques: Fashion Lights colour placement

  1. My clients have returned with damaged hair

Concern: My client damaged their hair at home with box colour.

Solution: Restoring the structure of the hair from the inside out to improve elasticity and shine.

Suggested products: BlondMe Care, BC Fibre Clinix, BC Peptide Repair Rescue

You can find the rest of the scenarios plus all the useful guidelines regarding hygiene and all kinds of support for the salon re-openings HERE.

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