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Helping men maintain healthy hair

Hair shedding is not a gender specific thing. Perhaps it’s something thats easier to disguise for women with the use of hair extensions? But, what does that mean for our short-hair clients? As we all desire to have healthy hair.

CBD Shampoo & Conditioner

The professional haircare industry has seen a major shift in its customer base in more recent years. While it was once dominated by women, these days men account for more than half of all haircare sales. Research tells us that the growth in mens’s professional haircare is due to concerns over thinning hair and hair damage. Trend intelligence platform, Spate identified a spike during the pandemic of concerns around hair loss, thinning hair and hair damage.


Hence why professional brands have stepped up their focus on science-backed products and consumer educational initiatives. In particular, the male clientele are seeking out products that help them maintain a healthy appearance without compromising their style—and many are willing to pay for it.

Blast shampoo

It’s a good time to add Roots Professional to your retail shelves because not only do their products offer results without the use of harsh chemicals; but client’s are investing more into their hair health.

What do you recommend to your noticeably thinning/receding clients?

  • Roots Professional CBD Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Roots Professional Blast Shampoo
  • Roots Professional Founders Formula
  • Roots Professonal D-Stress
Founders Formula

For maximum results, it’s recommended that client’s use products together as part of their healthy hair regime.

Roots Professional products are made with a blend of specialist ingredients that help your hair grow from the inside out by working with your body’s natural systems rather than against them. The result? A healthier head of hair with a focus on stronger, fuller regrowth!

To learn more about Roots Professional click HERE

For more Roots Professional news click HERE


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