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Hair Loss Awareness month with Trisha Buller

As it’s hair loss awareness month we couldn’t let the month pass without speaking to trichologist, hairdresser and salon owner – Trisha Buller. As well as her salon, Ciente in Berkhamsted, Trisha also runs a trichology clinic where she see’s clients for scalp and hair loss concerns. You’ve probably seen Trisha at industry events, as she’s made quite a name for herself; not only is Ciente an award-winning salon but Trisha has written many articles for magazines, videos and companies regarding the health of hair and scalp. She’s also appeared on good morning TV, Channel 4 Steph’s Packed Lunch and currently delivers presentations on hair and scalp issues. 

Tell us why you chose this career?

I’ve been in the industry for 46 years, starting off as a Saturday girl at a young age. the energy and freedom to express yourself really gelled with me and I knew then an office environment was not for me. This industry is a lifestyle; the social aspect and seeing younger ones come through.
During my training the science behind hair really grabbed me and that’s where my interest in trichology started. I signed up to the course which said I’d need to spend 16 hours a week studying –  it’s actually so much more than that. I failed the first year so I retook it and passed. I’ve just never wanted to be total trichologist or hairdresser which is why I’m lucky enough to do both.

What made you open a salon?

Before Ciente I owned a salon and didn’t think businesses was for me. I was then approached by someone to help with their salon business. I said I’d come in to help turn it round and then I’m off… that was 22 years ago!

Why Berkhamsted?

It’s a nice area on the outskirts of London, more affordable living and still commutable. I noticed lots of people were leaving London to buy a property in the area because of the good schools, the canal and being close to the m25. We have a high net worth clientele. They all have children, family and friends so we have a wide spectrum. I’ve noticed we have more male visitors in the salon now. It’s become a good balance. We have stylists who have worked in the salon longer than I have. New clients come through the door mostly on reccomendations. We also do lots with the local community. I’m a Patron of Honour for The Pepper Foundation – I’m a firm believer that we all have to support each other.


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How did you become part of the Unite family?

I was first introduced to the brand some years ago and was keen to take it on board, but business was very different at the time. I met Malcolm Lacey – CEO of Lacey’s Distribution at an event a few years back. He was very sincere and not at all pushy, and that’s when I agreed to bring Unite into the salon. It’s a great brand; simple, easy, what people need and an affordable level. The 7Seconds Detangler speaks for itself.

What support do you get?

Unite recognise the business behind a brand. They have business concept formats on how to incorporate it into your business on an individual and personal level. The fact that Dale is always front of line with the brand speaks volumes to me.
nt Parabusiness course

Tell us about the Paramount Business course?

It was a diverse group of people. Dale led the course and was honest and passionate about what he was delivering. I learnt how the Unite brand looks in all aspects of business – no tunnel vision; and I like the diversity and how open-minded the brand is.

What do you love about Unite?

I’m not hands on in the salon anymore, so my experience is fairly limited. The Boosta range is brilliant for my tricohology clients, the products don’t overload the hair, they give root lift and do what they says. Expanda Dust is incredible!

Favourite Unite product?

Hands down the 7Seconds Detangler

Learn more by visiting Lacey’s Distribution.

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