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GL Tapes custom colour transformation

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This colour transformation for Instagram sensation Erika Filkova by Hadley Yates using GL Tapes is pretty cool. Check it out…

GL Tapes GL Tapes GL Tapes

Step 1: Consultation

The first step with every Great Lengths application is a consultation and colour match with a chosen certified stylist. Erika arrived for her consultation with Hadley Yates at Percy & Reed, and the desired look and expectations were discussed. Erika desired length, volume and a bright colour.

GL TapesStep 2: Preparation

Returning the following week, Erika had her hair coloured and the award winning GL Tapes which were to be used for the transformation were also custom coloured to match. First the hair was washed with a specialist Great Lengths shampoo designed to thoroughly clean and cleanse the hair before application. The hair was then dried and ready for application.

“I’ve always had thin and short hair and have tried different types of extensions but none of them seemed to work for me for different reasons. I love GL Tapes because they’re comfortable, I almost can’t feel them at all. Also they blend with my hair perfectly and are easy to style. Hadley did an amazing job in matching the colour and cut perfectly to my hair.”Erika Filkova

GL TapesStep 3: Application

A total of 30 GL Tapes were expertly applied by Hadley Yates. With knowledge and experience on side, GL Tapes can be quickly applied and transformations easily achieved in as little as one hour.

“I chose Great Lengths for this transformation as its the best quality on the market and its texture works great with most hair types. We used 30 GL tapes to create this look as we wanted enough to blend with Erika’s bob but worked on taking the weight away throughout the mid lengths  to help create a more natural look.” – Hadley Yates

GL Tapes Step 4: Finishing

Once all of the GL Tapes had been applied, the hair was then cut and blended and then styled with a beautiful loose wave.

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