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Curls are back: a guide to pre-permed extensions

Lauren Great Lengths

Curls are back. People are embracing their natural hair types and we’re not talking about a subtle beach wave, we’re noticing tight ringlet curls and they look fabulous.

GL CurlsHair Like You

A tight curl, pre-permed look was featured in Great Lengths latest campaign ‘Hair Like You’. Model Flavia (pictured right), sported a beautiful head of corkscrew curls created with pre-permed Great Lengths that had been perfectly colour matched and blended to her original natural shade.

The low-down

We caught up with Creative Innovative Stylist 2018/19 UK GL Award winner Hector Obeng from Hector’s Global Hair with Zeal, to get the low-down on what to consider before choosing pre-permed extensions for your clients.

  1. Check the hair structure – It might be that your client’s hair just isn’t suitable for pre-permend extensions. To decide whether it would work or not, check the natural structure of the hair and dependent on what you find, a natural wave or curl, order in the correct texture to match.
  2. Check the hair condition and colour – Look at the hair condition and hair colour, if the natural hair has been coloured, or Keratin Blow Dried extra help and attention on how to best style the look should be given to ensure a seamless blend. My advice would be to always go a slight fraction darker as after perming the hair will slightly lighten.
  3. Always offer the correct after care products and rituals – To ensure longer wear-time and correct maintenance, using the correct tools and products is so important. Use the Great Lengths large paddle brush to detangle and set the curl – perfect for textured and long hair types. Use a good moisturising curling hair product too, this will control frizz and curl, and should be applied sparingly, especially for those wanting to achieve big voluminous curls. Hector recommends using Great Lengths Pearl Gloss Styler and Great Lengths Soft Finish Spray to set the look, as well as Hector’s Argan Oil Infused Leave in Conditioner for styling.

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