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Great Lengths essential gift sets

Gift sets aren’t just for Christmas – they are the perfect gift at any time of the year and especially in lockdown when self-care is a must. With a choice of targeted shampoos, plus the best-selling 60 second conditioner and high-performance luxe mask, these gorgeous Great Lengths essential gift sets allow clients to care for their extensions at home, while targeting their own specific hair needs, in three simple steps.

The essential sets provide clients with a saving of more than 20%, as well as taking the guesswork out of caring for their extensions at home during this lockdown. The essential gift sets help cleanse, protect and nourish; designed to all hair extension wearers unique needs. All four shampoos have been specially formulated to work in harmony with Great Lengths extensions, providing premium care. Each essential gift set contains a shampoo, 60 second conditioner and high performance mask.

Spoiled with choices

Choose from:

  • Silver Shine for healthy, shiny, clean blondes
  • Structure Repair for deep conditioning on damaged hair
  • Daily Moisture for everyday hydration on dry hair types
  • Ultimate Colour to preserve and enhance coloured hair

Structure repair shampoo: serious TLC for stressed and damaged hair

Structure Repair Shampoo was developed for dry, brittle and severely damaged hair types, providing deep – but gentle – cleansing for the hair and scalp. GSP-T protects from free radicals, while PRO-KERATIN provides restorative nutrients to repair porous areas in the hair and enhance elasticity and volume. Structure Repair also contains Pro-Vitamin B5 for a healthy moisture balance of hair and scalp. The pH value 5.5 further preserves the scalp.

Daily moisture shampoo: everyday freshness and hydration

Daily Moisture Shampoo provides gentle, daily care for all hair types, particularly drier lengths. AQUA-RICH hydrates and contains rich nutrients to strengthen the hair, while additional Aloe Vera balances moisture levels for enhanced elasticity, volume, shine and ease of styling. GSP-T protects the hair against free radicals and the scalp-friendly pH-value is 5.5.

Ultimate colour shampoo: protection and preservation for coloured hair 

Ultimate Colour Shampoo helps to enhance and maintain coloured and bleached hair. PRODEW 500 adds shine and brilliance, while protecting against fade. KERA-PROTECT-KOMPLEX (KERAPHLEX) significantly improves the hair structure, repairs damaged hair and prevents further breakage. Panthenol provides further moisture. The result? Shiny, bright, hydrated hair.  

Silver shine shampoo: perfect care for bleached and grey hair

Silver Shine is the ultimate shampoo for bleached and grey hair, with a powerful violet pigment to neutralise yellow, brassy tones. KERAPHLEX improves the hair structure, repairs and prevents further damage, for silky, smooth, bright blondes. PRODEW 500 enhances shine, and fights colour fade. For clients, that usually rely on regular salon visits for a toner, Silver Shine Shampoo allows you to banish the brass at home and can be used weekly to keep colour looking its best. It is 100% compatible with Great Lengths.

60 second conditioner: quick, powerful results

Restore dry, stressed and damaged hair in just one minute with this creamy, rich conditioner. Despite its deeply nourishing benefits, 60 Second Conditioner will not weigh down the hair and rinses out easily. AQUARICH provides moisture and strengthens the hair fibre with nutrients, while Aloe vera and Jojoba Oil balance the hydration levels for enhanced elasticity and a soothed, hydrated scalp. GSP-T protects the hair against free radicals.

High performance mask: the intensive treatment for damaged hair

Treat damaged, brittle and dry hair with the ultimate mask for soft, shiny, healthy hair. KERAPHLEX visibly improves the hair structure, repairs and protects against future damage. PRODEW 500 provides shine and colour brilliance, reducing fade. The formula also contains jojoba oil to add moisture for optimal all-round care. The Great Lengths High Performance Hair Mask restores hair in just 10-15 minutes – perfect for weekly care of long extensions.

For more news from Great Lengths, click HERE.


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