KMS Styling at LFW SS19 Goldwell

Loving the KMS Styling looks delivered by the session teams at London Fashion Week for the SS19 shows!

Simone Rocha – Hair by James Pecis using KMS

The look was described as ‘Intensity & Release: Tomboy in Sunday’s best’ delivered by James Pecis. Taking inspiration for Simone Rocha’s new collection, Sunday best clothing inspired by Quing Dynasty, James delivered an edgy look. The hair was a tomboy-twist on a sophisticated updo, with plenty of texture and messy loose strands around the face. 

Get the look: 
i) prep the hair with KMS ADDVOLUME Root and Body Lift, then layer with HAIRPLAY Playable Texture to keep it moving.
ii) Dividing hair into 1-inch sections at the front and lower half, pull the back section into a pony and spray with HAIR STAY Working Hair Spray for shape.
iii) The pony can then be divided to create separate braids with are pinned horizontally at the back of the head.
iv) Applying more HAIR STAY to the front section of the hair and backcomb away off the face. Once complete, pull back 10-inches from the scalp and add in a roller to help create a crescent updo shape, then wind the hair down and pin into place over the roller.
v) Take an elastic cord and put a dent into the roll. Saturate with HAIRSTAY Firm Finishing Hair Spray and apply cool air to lock shape into place. vi) Pull free front sections to amplify the messy tomboy look. 

Peter Pilotto – Hair by Jawara using KMS

The look was described as lived-in, party hair with slick, no-volume roots and naturally-textured ends, delivered by Jawara. Taking inspiration from clothes reflective of party-wear, hair evoked the party girl who is care-free and effortless, but still chic!

Get the look:
i) Section the bottom layer of hair and spritz with THERMASHAPE 2 in 1 Spray right at the root. Apply heat directly where product has sprayed and use a flat brush to pull hair straight ensuring no heat is applied to the lengths.
ii) Spritz HAIRSTAY Anti-Humidity Seal at the root and layer with HAIRSTAY Hard Wax, smoothing hair down to create a super sleek and flat finish. Continue until you get to the top section of hair.
iii) At the top use a rat-tail comb to create a clean, off-centre parting.
iv) Lightly mist more THERMASHAPE over the top of the hair and apply gentle heat to the hair, using hands to shape around the front of the face and pull behind the ears – smoothing.
v) Spritz a little HAIRPLAY Sea Salt Spray onto mid-lengths and ends and tease (backcombing if needed) to bring out the natural texture and create ultimate 2nd day post-party hair!. 

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