KMS: Eclecticism Goldwell

We’re obsessed with hair. We adore style and we love to travel, so you can imagine how excited we’re were to hear about the latest KMS Eclecticism campaign which takes inspiration from three fascinating cities. 
Eclecticism from KMS is a campaign that celebrates style in all its diverse forms. The ethos behind the campaign, and the stunning imagery created to support it, is a melting pot of ethnicities, lifestyles and creativity. Eclecticism draws on cultures from urban hotspots around the globe.
The main urban muses for the 2018 campaign are Amsterdam, Melbourne and San Francisco. Three cities known for their cultural diversity and unique blend of street styles. With Eclecticism, KMS not only seeks to celebrate these cities and the style of their people, but to take inspiration from each, evolving their signature styles with a touch of the contemporary and a nod to the past.
Style matters is the ongoing tagline for the campaign, and we love the way this encourages individuality while also reflecting new trends and developing them for the world of hairdressing. Your style is how you reveal yourself to others, whether you want to be accepted, to get noticed or just blend in, says KMS. Style means something different to every individual, no matter who they are or where they are from.
For Eclecticism, KMS has created style from urban fashion districts around the world, with imagery featuring individuals and couples, always with the emphasis on diversity.
As KMS says, “So while it may not save the world, great style can make your day.’ We couldn’t agree more!

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