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As an expert hairstylist we’re sure you don’t need a guide on how to blow-dry hair, but we’re pretty sure your clients might. So, we got our friends at ghd and brand ambassador, Adam Reed, to share their at-home guide to the perfect blow-dry…

  1. Prep hair with the ghd root lift spray, starting at the roots and then combing through the ends.
  2. Next, lightly mist ghd heat protect spray all over the hair – lifting the hair as you go to ensure you gain even coverage.
  3. Start at the base, using the ghd ceramic vented radial brush, size 4 and move the
  4. brush along the hair, following closely with the ghd air hairdryer. The nozzle of the dryer should always follow the brush continually, facing the direction of the brush. Go over the same section several times until fully dry and smooth.
  5. Work from the nape up to the top of the hair, always drying on a medium setting and smoothing each section with a cool blast at the end. Keep your thumb on the cool button, so
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    ghd air hairdyer

    as you’re drying your thumb is pushing on the cold air to seal the cuticle. This gives amazing shine, longevity and an incredible hold.

  6. Tackling the front section of the hair is definitely the most difficult part of blow-drying, particularly if you have shorter pieces around the front. Go slightly smaller on your brush for this section, I recommend the ghd ceramic vented radial brush, size 2. Or, if you find it really hard to control, this is where you would go for a bristle brush like the ghd natural bristle radial brush, size 2. The bristle will help to gently smooth the hair out and make it as easy as possible.
  7. Finally, to get rid of flyways apply ghd final fix hairspray on fingers (never apply hairspray directly onto the hair!) and gently press the hairspray onto the roots using your palms. Start at the parting and then smooth out.
  8. Then, take your ghd gold styler and just using the warmth of the back of the styler smooth down any flyaway hairs at the root. The heat of the styler warms the resins in the hairspray and sets it into the hair. This makes the hair last a good few days, feeling healthy, glossy and plus using a super easy guide!

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