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Your clients might not have a packed social calendar this holiday season, and it could be more like ‘PJ Season’ than ‘Party Season’, but when they come in the salons for a colour touch-up or to refresh their haircut and ask for some tips and advice on how to add some glitz and glamour, ghd’s festive style guide has all the answers. Five looks that are guaranteed to make them feel amazing no matter what their plans are for Christmas. Created by ghd’s Creative Artist Luke Benson. The first two are a perfect idea for you to ”sell” as a styling service for their Zoom or family party. And Luke is giving you the steps in order to create them. The rest are more like DIY, so it’s something you can suggest to your clients; just make sure they have the right ghd tools to achieve them. 

Ready for party season? Enjoy!

How to create the looks

The look: BEAU WAVES 

The trend inspiration: Brandon Maxwell AW20

The kit: ghd curl hold spray, ghd creative curl wand, ghd, detangling comb, ghd final fix hairspray

STEP 1 : Spritz hair with ghd curl hold spray.  STEP 2:  Divide the hair into three sections, back and two sides. STEP 3: Starting at the nape, take a two-inch square section of hair and twist wrap around ghd creative curl wand. STEP 4: Hold for five to eight seconds. STEP 5: Cup in your hands to cool.  STEP 6: Continue until all the hair is curled this way, always curling in the same direction. STEP 7: Dress using ghd detangling comb to soften the texture. STEP 8: Secure in a low pony with elastic, leaving some hair around the hairline out. STEP 9: Cinch and pull around the elastic to soften the texture. STEP 10- FINISH: Adorn with an oversized bow and set with ghd final fix hairspray.


The trend inspiration: McQueen AW20

The kit: ghd root lift spray, ghd oval dressing brush, ghd rise, ghd final fix hairspray  

STEP 1- PREP: Spritz hair with ghd root lift spray for 2X more volume. STEP 2: Take a horseshoe section from recession to recession and pin up. STEP 3: Pad the hair at the crown and brush from the right into the centre using the ghd oval dressing brush. STEP 4: Secure with bobby pins. STEP 5: Bring the other side over, fold and pin in, maintaining texture. STEP 6: Using ghd rise, place horizontally, into the hair and flat wrap around the rise. STEP 7 : Using ghd rise, detail the front sections. STEP 8: Adorn with a head band and set with ghd final fix hairspray.

DIY Looks


The trend inspiration: Prada AW20

The kit: ghd heat protect spray, ghd limited edition platinum+ styler, ghd paddle brush, ghd final fix  hairspray


The trend inspiration: DIOR AW20

The kit: ghd heat protect spray, ghd limited edition platinum+ styler, ghd paddle brush, ghd final fix hairspray

The look: DISCO LUXE

The trend inspiration: JW Anderson AW20

The kit: ghd curl hold spray, ghd limited edition helios hairdryer, ghd diffuser attachment , ghd glide hot brush, ghd final fix hairspray.

Get party season ready with ghd hairtools!

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